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Glutamine is known as the most abundant type of amino acids in the body, which is made from glutamate and ammonia by glutamine producing enzyme.
And the largest amount of glutamine production is released in the muscles and a small part in the brain and lungs. Glutamine has a unique and exceptional property among amino acids
Because each molecule contains two atoms instead of one nitrogen atom. It gives glutamine the ability to move ammonia in tissues.
This is precisely the important and effective feature of glutamine to help body tissues and maintain health.



Glutamine Sources , Best glutamine Supplements and Foods

Glutamine is found naturally in the source of animal products. Among the important sources that contain glutamines are eggs, beef, dairy products, and rice.
But although this amount in food only makes up a little more than 5% of the available amino acids, we must find out that the effect of glutamines is very important and effective for the body.



L-Glutamine Benefits and Side Effects for Health and Body 

Glutamine is created by the breakdown of the unnecessary amino acid glutamate, which leads to binding to ammonia molecules. Ammonia molecules contain nitrogen. The basic ability of glutamine can be seen as the transfer of ammonia. Because by absorbing and transferring ammonia, in contrast to a process that has an opposite effect on muscle building and muscle tissue growth, it helps to improve cell growth and tissue repair. Also, glutamine can be converted into glutamate, which essentially makes glutamine an essential source of ammonia and nitrogen.



Glutamine Supplement Benefits for bodybuilding and Athletes


Strengthening protein synthesis and sports performance with glutamine
The effective role of glutamine as an amino acid for the construction of protein building blocks is important for athletes. In this way, it plays a role in the regulation of protein synthesis and breakdown
However, the role of glutamines is more important and plays a key role by helping the metabolism of BCAA essential amino acids and improving the body's immune function.


Glutamine; Best Muscle Recovery Supplement , how to prevent Muscle Cramps and Injury

The body can suffer many injuries during sports training. The body experiences these injuries and tensions more, especially during heavy sports training.
These injuries can be accompanied by muscle pain. However, in order to better understand these mild tears, we must realize that during sports training, the muscles suffer from small tears due to the tension and pressure of training, which need to be rebuilt and recovered. The process of this reconstruction starts after sports training.
Glutamine increases the speed of regeneration activity and accelerates the improvement of this level of fatigue. The best time for this recovery is after training, when glutamine becomes a strong barrier against muscle catabolism, so that the body does not suffer from the destruction of muscle tissue.



Buy Best Supplement to Boost Immune System

One of the important and basic roles of glutamine is strengthening the immune system. White blood cells and some intestinal cells use this amino acid as a source of vital fuel.
Intestinal function is key in health and digestive system. The beneficial and beneficial effects of glutamine on intestinal health by providing energy for intestinal cells and immunity, as well as helping it to prevent the transfer of harmful bacteria or toxins from the intestine to the body, plays an important role for the immune system and the whole body.



Can I take Glutamine with Protein , Can You take L-Glutamine with other Supplements ?

We can take glutamine alone and even with other supplements. However, some different compounds can help better absorption or weaker absorption of glutamine.
For example, you can see that in the formulation of many nutritional supplements, glutamine is used as part of the composition.
Glutamines can be consumed along with creatines to help repair muscle tissues. On the other hand, the use of glutamine and protein
He can be seen in some sports supplements at the same time. Glutamines are one of the components of protein.
Another use of glutamines is with BCAAs, which helps athletes' bodies to increase performance.



best Time to take Glutamine for Health and Muscle gain 

When and how to use glutamines?
Glutamine supplements can be taken with water or a favorite drink such as fruit juice. Glutamines can be taken after waking up .
However, according to the exercise program and nutrition, its consumption can change. To find the correct time of consumption and the correct amount of each type of glutamine supplement, refer to the page in each product above.