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How to gain Weight fast ? way to increase weight fast for skinny body type


In order to gain weight, one should pay special attention to the amount of calories in the diet plan. With the help of a Nutritionist or doctor or King Supp Smart App, you can get a specific plan of the amount of calories consumed in your diet plan.
A small amount of calories in the diet does not allow the body to gain weight. The body supplies the amount of energy needed for life and various mechanisms of the body through food calories. If this amount of calories increases, it can be stored in the body in the form of excess weight



what is weight Gainer ? How works Gainer Supplement ?


Companies producing nutritional supplements produce a powerful product that has a significant effect on weight loss.
The problem of gaining weight is difficult and the time-consuming process of gaining weight is always a challenge for ectomorph body types. With the help of gainers, this body category provides the materials needed by the body in less time.
Gainer completes the meal plan in such a way that you get the necessary amount of calories to reach your desired weight



different Formulation of Mass Gainer Supplements


Gainers have different proportions of carbohydrates and proteins according to their formulation and design.
Ratios of 5 to 1, 4 to 1, 3 to 1 and 2 to 1.
This is the ratio of carbohydrates to protein in each serving. It is certain that more protein focuses more on muscle mass and carbohydrate content
It mostly focuses on weight gain, this amount can perform better based on the design formulation of each supplement with the combination of other essential substances for the body.



Protein Powder for Weight gain Male and Female


Gainer uses different amounts of protein, fat, vitamins, carbohydrates, amino acids, minerals and other nutritious compounds to provide more calories to the body.
This amount of calories helps the body to store more of the calories it burns for energy to gain weight.



what to eat to gain Weight ? why Gainers is the best way to get Weight


Why mass gainers are the best supplement for weight gain
A group of gainers that are designed to help the volume of muscle mass is called Mass Gainer. The composition of these products is derived from a powerful formulation for increasing weight by relying on increasing muscle volume.
Mass Gainers are able to speed up the growth of muscles and their volume and enable the best type of weight gain, meaning weight gain based on gaining beautiful muscles.
The most amount of proteins are used in Mass Gainers compounds.


Benefits of taking Gainer Supplements


- It uses special compounds that help to relieve fatigue and increase the speed of muscle recovery
- They supply the desired energy to the body through nutritious and high-quality carbohydrates
- They are a suitable and healthy solution to increase body weight according to the amount of weight loss
- They have a suitable and healthy amount of fiber that helps the digestive system and intestines to better digest food and prevent stomach bloating.
- Due to the amount of protein, they help the muscle tissue to grow more effectively



Classification of body; Mesomorph, Ectomorph & Endomorph


Ectomorph: thin people with fast metabolism
Mesomorph: Muscular people with a balanced metabolism
Endomorph: obese people with slow metabolism

Today, there are various tools that can clearly announce your body type based on physical indicators such as height and weight
Gainers for body types between ectomorph and mesomorph or between mesomorph and endomorph are an excellent choice for weight gain.



WeightGainer ; high-calorie Shake for Skinny guys Weight Gaining


These gainers have a higher carbohydrate to protein ratio. Normally, they use a ratio of 5 to 1 for the formulation to deliver more calories (about 1200 kcal per serving) to the body to provide better weight gain faster.



High Protein Gainer ; high Calorie Protein shake for Weight and Muscle gaining


High Protein Gainer
These gainers are used to achieve higher quality muscle mass due to the use of more protein in the composition of the product.
In the formulation of these products, a ratio of 2 to 1 or 1.5 to 1 carbohydrate to protein is used, which provide fewer calories (less than 700 calories), but the desired weight grows more based on muscle mass.
These gainers are considered a better and more suitable choice for the mesomorph body type.



Safe way to gain Weight fast ; how to gain Weight healthy


Are gainers healthy and reliable?
The products produced by nutritional companies are required to have valid and global standards for the production and export of their products.
These safety and health standards are granted to these products when it is determined after numerous tests in the world's most equipped laboratories that these products have sufficient health parameters for sale.
In the composition of the products, healthy and high-quality materials have been used and no prohibited materials have been used for production.
Therefore, with the knowledge of this issue, you can be sure that the available products are not dangerous for the physical health of healthy people and are made for a healthy life.