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Biotech USA 100% Pure Whey

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BPI Sports Whey HD Protein

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BSN Syntha 6 Edge

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BSN Syntha-6 Isolate Protein Powder

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Cellucor Cor-Performance Whey

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Dymatize Elite Whey Protein Powder

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Dymatize Nutrition Elite Casein Powder

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Protein Powder


Proteins are one of the most important components of the body that play a vital role. Proteins are derived from the chain of amino acids, which take over the vital functions of the body. Protein supplements are products that contain this vital substance, which, together with other compounds and nutrients, takes care of the deficiencies of meals to improve health and protect the body.
Human daily food intake is often variable and cannot always meet the body's real need for protein. Especially when you exercise.
During exercise, the body's need for protein increases drastically.



Why is Protein Whey Powder intake important?

Lack of protein supply is troublesome for the body. The key role of proteins is very vital for the body. Different people need different amounts of protein according to their gender, age, physical condition and type of daily activity.

For example, athletes or people with intense physical activity should make sure they consume more protein in their diet. The exact amount of this requirement is available in King Supp articles. If this amount of protein is not provided, the body will not remain idle.
It tries to meet its needs by destroying the muscles in the body. The general structure of body muscles is made up of proteins. Therefore, in a destructive movement, the body destroys muscles for survival and energy supply (catabolism).

Inadequate supply of proteins leads to negative nitrogen balance. Because proteins play a fundamental role in the structure of the body. If there is not enough protein, the body has to meet its needs with the muscles of the body.
Therefore, by breaking the muscle bond, it crushes the muscle tissue, and by breaking the muscle tissue into small particles, it destroys them for its own consumption.
Protein supplements are a safe and easy way to provide the protein needed by the body, which can be consumed anywhere and anytime with just a small amount of powder and water or desired drink with a few simple shakes.
You can spend a few minutes at work in the shortest time before going to bed or after waking up. Consume on the go or while resting and provide the required amount of protein without spending hours on heavy and time-consuming meals.

After all, according to today's technologies and filtration devices used in the production of proteins, today these high-quality protein powders are derived from materials whose impurities and extra and unnecessary materials are filtered, and the remaining powder in the final product is easy fuel and The whole body is used to grow and develop muscles and maintain health.



Best Protein Powder Supplement 2024


King Supp, the supplier of the best brands of nutritional supplements, always completes its list of products from the best brands in the world. Every year, various surveys are collected to prepare the list of the best protein powder of the year based on the results and opinions of sports supplement buyers from various sources.
This information is integrated with the results of various tests and the obtained results help to make a simpler choice ahead.
King Supp has made this task easier because it uses the best products in the world to satisfy its customers.
The products presented in the store are selected from the best brands in the world and the latest formulations to cover all your needs.



Main Ingredients in Protein Powder


Each company uses a special formulation for its products to better cover a specific purpose. But obviously, the main basis of all protein supplements is nothing more! It is also protein powder.

Some companies use more amino acids than protein for better body recovery. Some companies believe that a higher amount of pure protein is more beneficial for the body.

On the page of each product, we show you which product is best for you with full descriptions.

The main ingredients of protein powders include protein, amino acids, glutamine, and healthy fats for the body.



What is Protein Whey Powder made of?


Protein supplements are made using different sources to meet the needs of different tastes and dietary groupings.

Based on this, we are faced with different categories of proteins. Proteins produced from dairy products with sources of milk or whey that provide high-quality proteins whose taste and quality are unforgettable.

For vegan friends and vegetarians, big companies have arranged the production of nutritional products, protein supplements derived from plant protein sources.
In this way, with vegetable protein powders, they are obtained from the best sources of vegetable protein, which is concentrated, and each serving of it can be equal to several dishes of legumes and vegetable sources.

Therefore, its consumption has become easier and mainly its preparation through protein supplements is cheaper and of better quality because the amount of non-useful impurities has been reduced and the final protein powder is a pure and quality product with the best and most needed vitamins.

Another category of proteins are proteins derived from beef sources that provide acceptable quality. For those interested in consuming meat, who are looking for the pleasure of consuming high-quality beef proteins, a protein supplement with a source of fresh beef is considered, which provides easier digestion while using active digestive enzymes.
In these types of proteins, due to the use of advanced filtration, the beef is decomposed in several stages and low-quality contents and excess fats are removed from the meat, so as we expect, the remaining final protein powder is obtained from the highest quality source of pure beef. It is considered a unique choice for the explosion of muscle growth.



When is the best time to take Protein Whey Powder ?


Protein supplements need different speed for digestion based on the type. The best time to consume protein powders is between meals. In this way, you allow the body to have enough time to fully digest and absorb the ingredients in the supplement.

For athletes and people with intense physical activity. The use of protein before or after training and sports activities leads to better muscle growth and helps to strengthen body tissue and maintain health. If you don't do sports, you can take a protein meal before going to sleep to ensure the amount of protein in the body during night sleep. Today, quality protein supplements contain sufficient amounts of digestive enzymes to improve the speed of digestion and eliminate problems such as flatulence for sensitive stomachs.



Which Protein powder is best ? What to look for when buying Whey Protein ?


To choose the type of protein you want, first determine your goals. Do you want to gain weight while increasing muscle volume and strength, so you can choose protein whey complex powders. This is a smart choice for you.

If you are looking to gain lean muscle mass, it is better to choose isolated protein powders.
These protein powders, with the lowest amount of calories and high-quality proteins filtered in multiple stages, have the easiest protein molecules to digest.
This amount of chopped and small proteins is considered the best nutrition for muscles immediately after sports training.