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Amino Acid Complex

Amino acid complex Supplement is one of the best Protein Concentrates that you can use for physical endurance and muscle building. Complex means a complete set of Amino Acids in one set that meets many Amino Acid needs of the body.

Benefits of Amino Acid Complex

Amino acid complex, with a formulation rich in a variety of exogenous and endogenous Amino Acids, can provide the following benefits for Athletes  :

  1. It releases energy in the exercise process.
  2. It increases muscle mass and increases physical strength and endurance.
  3. It can be used in all sports.
  4. It reduces the recovery time, especially after intensive and heavy training.
  5. It supports anabolic (muscle retention) and anti-catabolic (fat removal) functions.


Buy Amino Acid Complex

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Amino Acid Complex for ADHD

In people with ADHD or hyperactivity, low levels of amino acids in their blood and urine have been observed. The most important role of amino acids is that they manage the structure of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Low levels of amino acids in the body can interfere with the structure of the body's neurotransmitters, including dopamine and serotonin.

Many studies have shown that taking supplements containing the amino acid complex in people with adhd can help improve and control their behavior and mood.


Amino Acid Complex for Skin

Amino acid complex is rich in protein blocks that can play an effective role in strengthening keratin, collagen and elastin of the skin. Among the benefits of this supplement for the skin are:
1. Hydration of the skin
2. Skin care against damage
3. Collagen production
4. Skin firmness
5. Eliminate fine wrinkles
6. Skin cell repair
7. Maintaining Skin elasticity



Amino Acid Complex for Athletes

It doesn't matter if you exercise professionally or are considered an amateur athlete, if you are looking to grow lean muscle mass, you can take this supplement.

This supplement helps amateur athletes to greatly reduce muscle pain after hard workouts.

Since these supplements contain whey protein, egg aluminum, protein concentrate, and branched, endogenous and exogenous amino acids, they have a high biological value.

This supplement prevents muscle breakdown and increases muscle volume and endurance by transferring nutrients to cells, in addition to providing the energy needed for sports activities.



Amino Acid Complex Effect for Muscle repair

One of the most effective benefits of Amino Acid complex is that it helps the protein synthesis of muscles.

This process causes the necessary energy of muscle cells to be supplied during sports activities.

Therefore, in order to restore muscle tissue and maintain a lean body shape, you should definitely include the use of this supplement in your diet.