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What is Creatine? how effective is Creatine ; Benefits

Creatine is one of the most effective types of supplements available to increase the strength and muscle growth of athletes.
Scientific research shows that athletes who use creatine in their training routine have more strength for training and increase muscle size.



which Creatine should i take , Type of Creatine and Which Creatine is best


There are different types of creatine supplements, which are divided into creatine monohydrate-hydrochloric-citrate-malate based on their function.
The easiest and simplest type of creatine is creatine monohydrate, which has many good functions for athletes, and by saturating the cells with PCr, it acts to increase phosphate with energy to increase the level of ATP again.

Another type of creatine is creatine hydrochloride or HCL, which is based on the bond that creatine has with hydrochloric acid to increase solubility.
And upon entering the body, it enters the body without needing a higher volume of water.


how to increase growth hormone With Creatine ; Creatine Supplement Benefits and side effects


Since creatine has been used by athletes for many years, many scientific researches have been conducted on the effectiveness of creatine.
Therefore, it can be safely said that scientific research has shown that creatines have good effects in the short and long term in muscle growth and preventing muscle destruction. Also, by increasing the growth factor IGF-1 as a well-known hormone vital for muscle growth.

On the other hand, by increasing energy and strength due to more repetitions and more active energy in exercises to use heavier weights, they create more energetic and effective exercise.



Buy best Creatine 2024 , Creatine Monohydrate side effects and Benefits


ATP is a basic simple form of energy in the cells of the body, which greatly affects the metabolism and muscle function. This amount of energy is actually the maximum power that the athlete can perform a strength and explosive exercise for a few seconds.
Then the body needs to increase this amount again inside the cells to continue the activity.

Creatine supplementation helps increase phosphocreatine reserves, which leads to the production of ATP so that you can perform explosive and strength activities harder and with more energy.




How to take Creatine , how much Creatine per day ?


Creatines can be used separately based on their type and composition.
For a better understanding of the product you want to buy and consume from King Supp, refer to the same product page and the how to use section to understand how to use it properly.

But in general, the consumption of pure Creatines during the day and night (24 Hours) is between 5 and 10 grams.
Creatines can be consumed with water or drinks that do not have a low PH level (non-acidic fruit juices) such as grape juice.




How Creatine Helps You Gain Muscle and Strength 

Today, creatine supplements are sold in separate packages purely for effectiveness and increasing energy and strength.
In some combinations, creatines are added to pre-workout products to increase the effectiveness of these products
On the other hand, creatines are used in gainers to help increase the weight and volume of people in these carbohydrate products.
In fact, creatines have different effects for different people and with different product formulas.


Creatine loading phase , best time to take creatine

Creatines can have different consumption times based on their composition. Most creatine monohydrates are best used before or after training to improve performance. In the past, some companies recommended the loading phase for their products in the first week in order to increase the body's performance by increasing the amount of creatine reserves in the body. Based on this, it is better to refer to the page of each product in the King Supp store for a more complete understanding of the best time to use creatine supplements and follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the formulation.