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Electrolytes Supplements

Electrolytes are naturally present in the Human Body and by being present in body fluids including blood, they are responsible for maintaining Electronic balance and neuromuscular Functions.



Ingredients of Electrolyte Supplements

Electrolytes contain salts and minerals dissolved in body fluids. Now when you lose fluids due to heat, a lot of minerals are also released from the body, which can cause Physical Fatigue.

  1. Potassium : plays an effective role in the transmission of nerve messages and muscle contraction.
  2. Calcium : In addition to the strength of gums and bones, calcium is also vital in the nerve function of cells.
  3. Sodium : keeps the blood pressure at a normal level and allows the absorption of fluids in the body to take place better.
  4. Chloride : causes fluid absorption in the body.
  5. Iron and Copper : improve blood oxygenation.
  6. Zinc : plays an effective role in the metabolic process and metabolism of the body.
  7. Manganese : is effective in producing energy for muscle activities.