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Beta Alanine

Beta-alanine is a popular sports supplement that can greatly contribute to the fitness and general health of Athletes and increase Athletic performance.


What is Beta-Alanine?

Beta-alanine is a Supplement based on unnecessary Amino Acids. That means your body doesn't use this supplement in the protein synthesis process.

However, the Amino Acids in this supplement can produce carnosine. One of the positive effects of carnosine is that it keeps the pH of the muscles of the body at a balanced level, so the body of athletes offers higher ability and performance during high-pressure and heavy exercise.


Beta Alanine Powder

In the case of beta-alanine powder, you should be careful and dissolve the standard dose, which is at least 2 and at most 5 grams, in 200 cc of water and then take it.

In the supplements offered in the King Supp store, there is properly enough beta-alanine for each serving to meet the body's real need away from worry !


Side Effects of Beta-Alanine

You can use pre-workout sports supplements for various aerobic and anaerobic exercises such as swimming, aerobics and bodybuilding. Beta-alanine increases performance and strength in high intensity sports activities.

In addition to increasing muscle capacity, this exercise supplement has anti-aging properties and strengthens the immune system due to its antioxidant properties. The antioxidant benefit of carnosine is that it neutralizes free radicals and greatly reduces stress and anxiety levels, promoting heart health. This supplement greatly increases fatigue resistance. It also shortens the recovery time after exercise.


Beta-Alanine Capsule


One of the different forms of Beta-Alanine Supplement is its capsule. Using the Capsule makes you get the right amount of Beta-Alanine to your body every time you use it. Each Beta-Alanine capsule contains 800 grams of these substances, which you can take twice a day and half an hour before exercise in divided doses. The acceptable amount of Beta-Alanine is about 50 mg per kilogram of weight. This Pill should be taken with plenty of Water.


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Beta Alanine Supplement for Vegan

Beta-alanine is found in some foods, including chicken, fish, and meat.

Therefore, people who follow a vegetarian diet have half the amount of carnosine in their muscles as those who follow a balanced diet.

Therefore, to compensate for the lack of this nutrient source, you can use a beta-Alanine supplement.


Dose of Beta-Alanine

The standard and determined consumption of beta-alanine is completely safe for healthy people. The standard dose determined for each product, which is 2 to 5 grams per day, can be the best choice.

However, each product chooses a specific dose for itself according to its ingredients, so while we recommend that you pay attention to the instructions for the use of each product listed on it, in order for this supplement to be better absorbed and to be able to increase carnosine in the muscles, we suggest You can eat it with meals.

Of course, for people who do heavy sports, it is also possible to take this supplement before or after sports activities.