What is difference between Glutamine and L-Glutamine ? Which one is Better ?

glutamin l-glutamin unterschied

What is difference between Glutamine and L-Glutamine ?

Glutamine and L-Glutamine are supplements that are very popular among athletes and bodybuilders due to their muscle building and increased metabolism.
These products are produced in the form of capsules, powders, tablets and ampoules and are easy to use.
These two supplements have differences in terms of structure and function.
Glutamine is an essential amino acid that is produced in the body and is urgently needed without it; But L-glutamine is one of the important isomers that is introduced through supplements. The amount of Glutamine in the body is higher than L-glutamine. Glutamine has two isomers called diglutamine and l-glutamine, each of which has its own compounds.
L-glutamine is a supplement that is available to athletes in powder form. Amino acid glutamine either enters the body through food or the body produces it automatically. These substances can be consumed in different forms and the body needs them urgently because of the mineral salts they contain .

glutamin l-glutamin unterschied

difference between Glutamine and L-Glutamine In terms of molecular structure ?

Glutamine and L-glutamine are two effective substances for the body and each of them provides the body’s needs in a different way. Glutamine is the most important amino acid for the body, which is produced automatically in the body and is found in abundance. When glutamine is reduced in the body, you can compensate for the deficiency by consuming food.
But L-glutamine is a supplement that is mostly used for athletes and plays a significant role in increasing metabolism and muscle volume. Glutamine is always available in the body; But L-glutamine is available only through supplement consumption. In fact, L-glutamine is one of the types of glutamine that is used to produce supplements, and it is mostly in powder form. These two substances have many differences in terms of molecular composition and benefits and harms.
Excessive use of L-glutamine for the body brings complications such as stomach pain, allergic problems, digestive problems, etc. For this reason, athletes should take this supplement according to the instructions of their coach and their body structure. Using glutamine with the help of a healthy diet can provide the amino acid needed by the body and strengthen muscles.

Symptoms of L-Glutamine deficiency

When L-Glutamine is depleted in the body, you experience signs and symptoms. Since L-Glutamine is an important and necessary substance for increasing body metabolism and muscle building, it is very important to pay attention to the following signs and symptoms :

  1. Poor wound healing
  2. Decreased muscle mass
  3. Constipation or diarrhea
  4. Slow muscle recovery
  5. Anxiety and stress
  6. Desire to consume sugar or alcohol

The severity of these symptoms is not the same in all people and depends on the deficiency of the body. L-glutamine has an effective role in the body, that’s why its deficiency can affect the health of the body. All parts of the body need this supplement, that’s why you should take these nutrients in the form of tablets and capsules to gradually relieve the symptoms. You should start taking it as soon as you see the slightest symptoms.

glutamin l-glutamin unterschied

Is L-Glutamine dangerous ?

L-glutamine is an important supplement for strengthening muscles that athletes should consume in the necessary amount. If this supplement is taken in large amounts during the day, it will have negative effects on health and its side effects are dangerous. By consuming a large amount of L-glutamine , you have introduced a large amount of amino acid into the body, which is a big shock to the body in this situation. It can be said that the most useful vitamins and minerals are useful for the body if they are consumed in sufficient amounts and needed by the body, not in large amounts. 5 to 10 grams of glutamine can supply the body with sufficient daily amount. More than this amount is not suitable for the body.

Digestive problems, stomach upset, allergic reactions, nausea, muscle pain, vomiting, dry mouth, infection symptoms, etc. are seen in most of the people, and the more the amount consumed, the more severe these symptoms are. The side effects of L-glutamine are far more than those of glutamine.

Effect of L-Glutamine on the Psyche

L-glutamine plays a significant role in brain health and can reduce mental disorders to a great extent, provided that it is consumed according to the doctor’s prescription and in the right amount. If the body faces a deficiency of this amino acid, the person will suffer from stress and depression. Problems such as bipolar disorder, Reye’s syndrome, and schizophrenia occur due to L-glutamine deficiency in the body. By taking this supplement, your aging process will slow down. The body’s nerve connections have problems when the body is faced with L-glutamine deficiency. In this situation, brain problems also spread. The positive effect that L-glutamine has on mental and emotional health has led to its increased consumption today.

Weight loss and L-Glutamine Consumption

People who take L-glutamine supplements increase their growth hormone levels drastically. In this situation, a person can increase the body’s metabolism by exercising and lose weight by building fat. Taking L-glutamine supplement along with exercise can help in fitness and weight loss. This amino acid is the best option for people who are looking to cut muscle. Increasing the speed of muscle building and narrowing the waist size with more fat burning is the most important advantage of using this supplement. In order to lose weight, it is better to exercise professionally along with L-glutamine. Women who are overweight can reach their ideal weight by taking this supplement without dieting. This shows that L-glutamine causes weight loss.

glutamin l-glutamin unterschied

Foods containing L-Glutamine

You can use foods containing L-glutamine to supply the body with L-glutamine.

This mineral is available in the following foods:

  1. white rice
  2. Lion
  3. corn
  4. Beef
  5. egg
  6. tofu

With the daily consumption of these food items, the amino acid needed by the body is supplied and it can also be responsible for the body’s metabolism. If you can’t get L-Glutamine from food, you should get it in the form of tablets and capsules from King Supp Shop.

Using this product is quite simple. If you identify useful food sources, you can easily use them when needed. A diet containing L-glutamine can help strengthen the body and increase muscle mass.

glutamin l-glutamin unterschied

L-Glutamine ; Anti-bloating

L-Glutamine helps a lot in strengthening the digestive system, that’s why people who have the problem of stomach and intestinal bloating can be cured quickly by taking this supplement. It is a useful Supplement for patients with irritable bowel syndrome and intestinal inflammation.
When the digestive system receives the required Amino Acid from L-Glutamine, the speed of food digestion increases and this can ensure the health of the digestive system. Regular consumption of this supplement can have positive effects on the intestines and kidneys. Foods are excreted quickly and this prevents the spoilage of the contents inside the intestines and causes bloating.

L-Glutamine histamine intolerance

Sometimes, as a result of taking L-glutamine supplements, the complication of histamine intolerance occurs in people. In this situation, the amount of antihistamine in the body increases, which causes allergic and sensitizing problems. This problem is more common in people who have high daily consumption. Taking L-glutamine may interfere with the function of histamine and increase the amount of histamine in the body. In some cases, this condition is mild and treatable, and in some cases, due to its severity, it is uncontrollable and untreatable.

glutamin l-glutamin unterschied

The difference between L-Glutamine and Glutathione

The main difference between glutamine and L-glutamine is that glutamine is introduced as an essential amino acid that the body produces automatically and does not need to be supplied from an external source. But L-glutamine is not produced automatically in the body and it is necessary for humans to supply it through food and supplements.
L-glutamine is not an amino acid, but an isomer that is used to make supplements. Glutamine is abundantly found in human blood and has many benefits. Although L-glutamine is not produced directly in the human body; But it has many uses and can help strengthen the immune cells in the intestine.

Final Word

Although Glutamine and L-Glutamine are different, both are useful for the health of the body and the body needs them to increase metabolism and strengthen muscles. You can use proper diet and supplements to supply these substances in the body. These substances are an excellent source of fuel for the body’s immune cells and help the white and red blood cells work better.

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