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hatfield trainingsplan

Hatfield Training Plan

If you are interested in the fitness world, you’ve probably heard the name Hatfield Training. As you know, fitness includes several methods, each with specific principles and approaches. In the meantime, there is a very famous and practical method known as the Hatfield method.

This method emphasizes the maximum hypertrophic development and, of course, outstanding explosive force.
This method has been called a Hatfield method or training because a person named Frederick Hatfield, also known as Dr. Scott.

Compared to other existing methods for fitness, but Hatfield Training is a new and innovative method designed specifically to reduce pressure on joints and tendons.
And, of course, it can be useful for people who may experience joint pain due to age or old injuries.

hatfield trainingsplan

It should be noted that the Hatfield approach focuses on the full practice of all muscle fibers using variable loads, sets or repetitions to stimulate optimal muscle growth.

It is also interesting to know that this method is created according to hypertrophy and sarcoplasmic theory and shows that the skeletal muscles are not only made of meophiberils, but also from other important parts, including sarcoplasm, mitochondria, glycogen and mineral salts.

If you want to learn more about Hatfield Training, we suggest with us at the end of this article.

Hatfield Training Plan Benefits

Dr. Hatfield, as mentioned, is one of the most prominent people in sports and fitness, which has been able to introduce a new way to the sports world with a lot of research, which is why they chose the name Hatfield Training.
This method has many benefits, including improving the overall performance of the athlete. In other words, these tutorials help the athlete enhance their sporting productivity.

By doing this, you can also enhance your strength, endurance, flexibility and, of course, speed. In addition, it should be noted that this method prevents serious injuries. In other words, Dr. Hatfield has conducted a variety of basic, safe and, of course, advanced exercises that help the athlete can prevent serious damage.

Of course, other benefits of this method, as you know, are that it will continue to be excellent fitness if it does its movements, as these fat burning exercises also strengthen the muscles. Of course, the benefits of this method do not end up and because of the variety of gestures you can enjoy other benefits.

Hatfield Training Plan Results

hatfield trainingsplan

Hatfield Training is definitely one of the most fascinating sports moves. In fact, this method has different movements, each with its own benefits. For example, Scott is one of the exercises of this method. This type of movement in the Hatfield method is an excellent exercise for lifts that have strong waist and weak legs.

Dr. Hatfield used something that was known as Scott with Hand Support !
This allowed Dr. Hatfield to shake his four heads with a greater intensity while at the same time reducing pressure from his spine. Here are some of the benefits of this type of Hatfield method for the experienced.

1.Use as a remedy for Injury

This type of Hatfield Training is mainly used to relieve injuries. Although many people use conventional squat to damage the shoulder, it is suggested that in addition to the regular squat, the belt squat also used it. However, this will be slightly different for back injuries. The Hatfield squat also also extends the full hip extension, providing a much better progress for the leg press.

hatfield trainingsplan

2.Increase safety

Using squat in the Hatfield Training can make you use of the guarantor because you can use your arms to lift your body instead, as long as your weight is natural and reasonable.

3.No need for different Equipment

Based on people’s experiences of different Hatfield Training movements, it can be said that the athlete will require much less equipment. However, you can also get all the changes you need.

hatfield trainingsplan

4.The ability to tolerate more overload

With the help of moving the Hatfield Training, you can have much more confidence when using heavy weights. Once you can acquire the necessary technical and practical skills, you can also increase the Hatfield weights over the traditional squat. It can also increase muscle strength and size.

Hatfield Training Plan 4er Split

In this section, we generally introduce you to how to perform the Hatfield Training. For example, hatfield exercise has been created to perform various muscle movements, resulting in muscle hypertrophy. This approach actually includes heavy initial movements and low numbers, followed by time and with medium repetitions, and ultimately with high repetition.

Dr. Hatfield in Hatfield Training recommends that you do each muscle every 5 days based on the ABA and BAB program. For example, during the first week of ABA you can do exercises such as boating, stretching and pulley for day A, while the glossy B day you have to perform Scott, Lange and Leg Extensions.

The next week you should do BAB exercises, which include a variety of exercises and movements to maintain diversity and constant stimulation of the muscles.
In general, it can be stated that the Hatfield structure is a combination of multiple articular and isolated exercises with a variety of repetitions and, of course, based on a specific purpose.

hatfield trainingsplan

holistic training Hatfield

In general, there are various types of hatchildal movements and exercises that are recommended to get help from a skilled person in their careful learning and, of course, to achieve the desired result. Another important thing to consider when using in Hatfield Training is the time between sets, which can vary depending on the type of exercise and of course repetitions.

In general, there are various types of hatchildal movements and exercises that are recommended to get help from a skilled person in their careful learning and, of course, to achieve the desired result. Another important thing to consider when using in Hatfield Training is the time between sets, which can vary depending on the type of exercise and of course repetitions.

What is Hatfield Training approach?

The Hatfield Training approach has very comprehensive scientific exercis

es and movements for those who tend to maximize their muscle growth and strength, which is appropriate to all people who are looking for fitness and bodybuilding. It is interesting to note that Dr. Hatfield has been able to obtain a number of important laws by researching and reading many books, which we will mention below:

law of differences between individuals

One of the rules that is also applicable to Hatfield Training is the law of differences between individuals. In other words, it is better to say that every person has the strengths and weaknesses that must be considered in the training program. In other words, none of the comprehensive exercises can be suitable for everyone. This understanding will really affect people’s bodies.

hatfield trainingsplan

Law of Overcompensation

According to the law, it is stated that our body does not respond to stress by reacting and compensating so that it can control it again. This principle is because every person will experience a great deal of progress with the launch of their programs.

Overload Law

Another rule in the Hatfield Training is about overload. In fact, in order for your body to be too compensated, you need to engage it more than before. This principle is actually the case that causes one to dominate his achievements after time.

hatfield trainingsplan

The basic principle is that if you have any purpose you should strengthen your body in this regard.
If you want your body to perform well, then you need to do great training. For example, the Olympic lifts are performed with high repetition in Vras Fit.
These types of movements with high repetitions can create aerobic capacity, but it will not help increase power.

Use or non -use of reversible Law

Another principle in Hatfield Training relates to the use or non -use of the Reversibility Act. The first part of this principle is that you have to continue training skills or lose that capacity. However, the other part of the principle is that after training and losing it, the skill will be easier to return to the initial training.

Hatfield Periodization

If you are interested in getting the desired results from hatfield training, you should first familiarize yourself with the concept of periodization. Periodization actually refers to educational organization and planning. In sports, this planning actually refers to the maximum physical ability for a specific competition or period of competition.

For example, in bodybuilding, this exercise may be organized in the context of a bodybuilding competition.
Most bodybuilders plan their workouts mainly to achieve a specific goal.
In general, if you have a specific goal for a specific period of time, you should use Hatfield periodization. In the following, we introduce you to the most common terms in this method:

Practice unitRefers to daily exercises
MicrocycleMainly refers to a week of exercise
MesosycleMainly refers to a period that lasts for two to four months
MacrocycleThe largest unit is when it takes about 1 to 4 years

hatfield trainingsplan

German Volume Training

At the end of this article we discussed about Hatfield Training, we are going to introduce you to German volume training. The German Volume Training method is to do ten tens of duplicates of the same weight for each of your workouts. If you want to start with a weight that you can have 20 reps if possible.

For most people in many exercises, this shows 60 % of their 1RM burden .
So if you can have a 300 -pound press for 1 repeat, 180 pound can be enough for this type of exercise.
For lifts they have this method you can use the following general divisions.

First DayChest and back
Second DayLegs and ABS
Third DayRest Day
Fourth DayArms and Shoulders
Fifth DayRest Day

Finally, we recommend that you have a notebook when using a Hatfield Training or any other method, and record all the sets and repetitions and intervals.

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