7 Simple Solutions to live longer and be happier

7 Simple Solutions to live longer and be happier

7 Simple Solutions to live longer and be happier

The secret of immortality has always been a dream for humans despite the progress of science. Most people like to live for more years, the reason for these more years is not only to survive, but people who live longer usually have a better lifestyle and are physically healthier. Therefore, longer lifespan can indicate higher physical health.

In this article, we will tell you 7 important but easy secrets to live longer that you can easily use in your life plan and increase the quality of your life and live more years.

1. Heart health is an important Factor in longevity

Heart diseases are an important factor in the death of people all over the world every year. Apart from hereditary issues and previous records, the prevalence of heart diseases increases in most people due to wrong lifestyle and wrong habits.

For example, smoking, especially cigarettes, damages the lungs and the respiratory system and causes disruption in the vascular system.
Since most of the smokers do not have regular physical activity and especially sports in their life plan, it is another factor to endanger the body, especially the heart.
Including healthy and appropriate nutrition in the diet plan, including vitamins and appropriate foods, helps to reduce the probability of cardiovascular diseases.
A healthy food plan with the amount of useful fats and avoid excessive fats with enough fiber and especially the use of aquatic meat can help to increase the level of health of the vascular system.

2. Muscle is the main Tool for body activities

It is certain that none of us can prevent muscle loss with age. You must have seen elderly people in your life whose muscles in their hands or feet have fallen.

Sagging body muscles in the elderly is caused by the loss of muscles and the accumulation of fats.
Some symptoms are involved in the early occurrence of this loss, for example, with the increase of oxidative stress and the decrease of basic hormones in the body such as testosterone and estrogen in women, it can be expected that muscles will be replaced by fats faster.

However, with increasing age, the possibility of getting diseases such as diabetes and joint diseases that reduce the amount of physical activity can become an effective factor for muscle loss. Muscles are our main and basic tools to perform daily activities. In fact, bones keep muscles in the body for us so that we can perform daily activities with the help of muscles.

In order to prevent muscle loss, meals with sufficient protein can help us.
If you don’t have enough protein, you can get help from Protein Supplements to make up for the lack of protein in your meal.
Also, using glutamine supplements is a way to prevent muscle loss. Include an endurance exercise in your daily routine that engages the muscles.
Using the muscles correctly in exercises twice a week that can involve the legs, back, chest, shoulders and arms helps the muscle cells to survive.

3. Stop eating fast food today !

One of the biggest problems in 21st century life is the challenge of having a healthy meal. Daily busyness and work stress do not give you enough time to prepare healthy meals.
I have to give you bad news, consuming fast food instead of healthy food is a big danger for your health.
Due to the high amount of salts and fats that are not good for the body, fast foods are the cause of various cardiovascular diseases that cannot be compensated for.
The sugar and carbohydrates in fast foods cause dangerous side effects on weight such as obesity and decrease in bone density, which leads to the occurrence of diabetes.

Fast foods do not pay attention to the real need of the body for nutrients and necessary substances due to the way of preparation and special marketing approach, and this poverty of the substances needed by the body in each meal causes a decrease in the level of health.
To maintain health and increase life, you should stop or reduce the habit of consuming processed foods and fast food.
Love and respect your body because you only have one in your lifetime.

7 Simple Solutions to live longer and be happier

4. Avoid any kind of Smoking

If you think about your health and longevity, avoid smoking today. Smoking is a direct threat to your health and those around you. Children are the main victims of parents’ smoking.
Smoking is the cause of more than 20 types of cancer and for women it is an important factor for the spread of cancers specific to women.
Smoking reduces sexual ability and fertility, and by damaging your mouth, teeth and skin, it reduces your appearance in the eyes of other people.
If we want to continue investigating the factors and problems caused by smoking, we can write several books about it.
But the good news for smokers is that the changes start in the body after quitting smoking.

Helping to increase the health level of the respiratory system, improving the sense of smell, increasing and improving self-confidence, feeling the increase in lung capacity, increasing and improving fertility, maintaining and improving the level of oral and dental health, and improving blood circulation are only part of the benefits of quitting smoking for is the body

7 Simple Solutions to live longer and be happier

5. Don’t forget the Fruit basket

If you ask most people who clearly look younger than their actual age, you can expect to hear the same answer. A healthy diet full of useful fruits!

This answer is absolutely correct. Consuming fruits rich in vitamins and nutrients clearly increases the quality of the body’s health. Consuming fruits provides the basic needs of the body in the first place due to having sufficient amount of fiber and vitamins.
Consuming fruits and vegetables in the meal helps to complete the meal and lose weight. As we have heard, fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of antioxidants that are useful for strengthening the body’s immune system against the level of free radicals. Therefore, they protect the body against many diseases such as cancer.

7 Simple Solutions to live longer and be happier

6. Walking is the magic of health

If you are one of the people who deal with computers and office work every day, you probably have a problem with lack of daily mobility. Also, the beginning of retirement coincides with the reduction of daily physical activity.
If you are one of those people who ignore the decrease in your mobility, you should know that this decrease in mobility causes serious damage to the body as you age. Researchers are of the opinion that half an hour of daily walking can add to human life span and health level.

7. Adjust your Sleep Time

There is nothing worse than starting a pleasant morning despite feeling tired due to a bad night’s sleep. The quality of night sleep is strongly related to the functioning of the mind and the efficiency of the body’s immune system.
The quality of bad sleep at night will ruin your day with a direct effect on your mood and energy. Regulating sleep and the body’s biological clock helps the body to have a better quality of life over time.
For most people, 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night is ideal. If you are one of the people whose night sleep is not good, try supplements containing tryptophan, which is an essential amino acid to increase serotonin levels.
Supplements containing melatonin and tryptophan are useful for improving the quality of night sleep. A good night’s sleep, while protecting the health of the mind and brain, helps to increase the level of physical health and the body’s defense against pathogens, which itself is a factor in increasing life expectancy.

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