Powerbuilding Mesocycle , Routine – Full Plan Workout and Result !

powerbuilding mesocycle

Powerbuilding Mesocycle

Powerbuilding is one of the most important and main branches of bodybuilding. This part of bodybuilding considers fundamental and basic techniques in the design and implementation of exercise programs. The main powerbuilding movements include squats, bench presses, deadlifts and some other movements with equipment such as cable pullers. The one-month training course of powerbuilding will play an effective role in increasing muscle mass and increasing the overall strength and endurance of the body.

Review of Powerlifting and Powerbuilding

These days, the fever of bulking and cutting has risen among all young women. One of the most important reasons for the increase in passion and interest in bodybuilding and its various branches is fitness and beauty. Usually, according to their body type, people go to a branch of bodybuilding that has a higher chance of success for them. Genetics and physical condition are the main factors to find the right category for bodybuilding.

powerbuilding mesocycle

Fitness, Physics and Bodybuilding ? What is difference ?

Fitness, physics and bodybuilding! These three are the main branches of bodybuilding that many athletes around the world. By combining it with physical fitness, the modeling industry has focused more attention on the category of bodybuilding and physique. Powerlifting and powerbuilding can also be considered a branch of bodybuilding, but they include different techniques. These techniques have led to these two branches of bodybuilding being less known than areas like fitness and bodybuilding. According to many sports and medical experts, powerlifting is one of the best sports and important branches of bodybuilding!

powerbuilding mesocycle

Why Powerbuilding Mesocycle ?

Because it emphasizes on basic and basic bodybuilding movements and develops everything from muscle volume to endurance and muscle speed.
If we want to describe powerlifting in one sentence, we must say that: Powerlifting means lifting the heaviest possible weights and benefiting from the basic bodybuilding movements such as squats and deadlifts!
As you have probably noticed by now, Powerbuilding Mesocycle is a combination of powerlifting and bodybuilding!
In the rest of this article, we are going to learn more about this section, so stay with us so that your information in this field increases. One of the most important problems of people interested in bodybuilding is wrong information or lack of information at all!
So be with us.

powerbuilding mesocycle

What are the Basic Principles of Powerbuilding ?

It can be said that almost all smart people, when they seek to learn something, first of all try to learn its principles, because it is supposed to be with them until the end.
If you are a mathematician or physicist, you must know addition and subtraction, multiplication and division!
I hope you understand the importance of this part and try to apply the principles in the best possible way in your training in the gym; Because this is the whole purpose of this article and your study.
Combined exercises of Powerbuilding, Powerlifting and bodybuilding can build the dream body of any athlete. This training method increases the volume of muscles, increases their endurance and greatly increases the speed of body growth. What else do you want better than this?

Squat , Bench Press and Deadlift , 3 main Sides of the Exercise

This training method brings dense muscles and muscle strength along with a beautiful and attractive body structure for athletes. This part of the article is very important, so you need to enter it with your highest concentration.
Squat exercises, bench press exercises and Deadlift Exercises!
These three training movements can be called the principles of power building, if they are not used in the design of the training program, the validity and standard of that program should be doubted.
So it must be said that this is the first and most important principle of power building.
All trainers and experts in the field of bodybuilding know these movements as basic bodybuilding movements, multi-joint movements and combined movements. Multi-joint training movements put pressure (positive damage) on several important parts of the body at the same time. By performing these movements, the large and main muscles of the body are put under pressure (positive damage). By performing these movements, the body gets a shock (positive damage) and the overall strength of the body increases along with the things mentioned.
Positive damage!

This term is very important, that’s why we used it several times in the previous paragraph.
Positive injury is the moment when after training your body feels tired and uncomfortable because of the good training and principles you had. Of course, you should note that the pain caused by an injury is very different from the pain caused by fatigue after a good workout.
I hope that you will never get injured, but if you do, you will definitely find out because it hurts a lot!
Anyway …

powerbuilding mesocycle

What is the difference between basic Powerbuilding Movements and Isolated Movements ?

To answer this question, it is better to use an example.
Suppose you go to the gym and that day you are going to train your leg muscles. There are two options for you to strengthen the quadriceps muscles. Squat with barbell and leg extension
If you have already had the experience of training and performing these movements, you definitely know that 10 repetitions of barbell squats are different from 10 repetitions of leg extensions. For those who don’t know the difference, we must say that there are huge differences in general! Leg extension is a good movement, but when you do 10 repetitions of barbell squats, you will understand what it means to work on the quadriceps!
I hope you understand what we mean by giving this example; Because it can help you a lot in the exciting way you have in the path of bodybuilding.
There are a few points that you should be very aware of so that you don’t get hurt on this enjoyable and uplifting path.
Before starting sports read this topic , and be sure to consult with a specialist doctor, the official trainer of the federation, and a sports consultant

Pay attention to these points before starting !

Be sure to learn basic heating and cooling; Because it is very important.
Don’t let anyone design a program for you because this issue is very important and sensitive!
If training in the gym plays a 20% role in muscle growth and fitness, paying attention to diet and following a sports lifestyle is 80% important!
Choose the weights very carefully and always consult the gym coach.
Under no circumstances, do not be influenced by the atmosphere, noise and music of the club. (Keep your focus and don’t get emotional)
Do your best to learn the basic exercises one by one included in the exercise program. (You can do this with a simple search and a little time, it’s not difficult at all)
Read this article a few more times, send it to your gym and sports friends.

powerbuilding mesocycle

Exercise Program of a One-Month training period of Powerbuilding (Powerbuilding Mesocycle)

Some athletes want to bulk up and others are looking to get stronger. If you also have such an attitude, don’t worry; Because Powerbuilding has brought you the best training systems. In general, it can be said that the goal of developing this sports system is to be able to meet the needs of athletes in all areas of strength and volume and even to have excellent fitness.
To succeed in Powerbuilding Mesocycle Plan, you must use the best possible program. This topic is very important and it was discussed very specifically in the points of the previous part. In the following, we will review a series of training programs for the one-month Powerbuilding course (Powerbuilding Mesocycle).

powerbuilding mesocycle

Squat Hypertrophy Program

Barbell Back Squat5 sets and 8 repetitions
Barbell Hip Thrust3 sets and 10 repetitions
Dumbbell Split Squat + Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift3 sets and 12 repetitions
Single-Leg Seated Leg Curl2 sets and 12 repetitions
Hanging Leg Raise2 sets and 12 repetitions
Weighted Plank3 sets of 30 seconds

Chest press Hypertrophy program (chest and upper chest musculature)

Bench Press5 sets and 7 repetitions
Dumbbell Bench Press2 sets and 8 repetitions
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press3 sets and 7 repetitions
Incline Dumbbell Row3 sets and 10 repetitions
Back of the arm lying barbell (Skull Crusher)4 sets and 7 repetitions
Swedish swimming (Push-Up) + Pallof Press2 sets and 6 repetitions

Deadlift hypertrophy (back and armpit musculature)

Deadlift5 sets and 4 repetitions
Underarm barbell bend (Barbell Row)4 sets and 5 repetitions
Barfix (Pull-Up)3 sets and 7 repetitions
Farmer’s Walk + Back Extension4 sets and 10 repetitions
Rowing inverted (Inverted Row)2 sets and 7 repetitions

Overhead press hypertrophy (shoulder and upper body musculature)

Overhead Press6 sets and 6 repetitions
Barfix Chin-Up + Landmine Press4 sets and 6 repetitions
Barbell Curl + Dip3 sets and 8 repetitions
Alternate dumbbell forearm curl on an inclined table
(Incline Dumbbell Curl) + Lateral Raise
3 Set and 12 repetitions

Checking the hypertrophy of a one-month training course of Powerbuilding Mesocycle (Planning – Results)

  • In the previous part of the article, I presented an example of a Powerbuilding training program. Hypertrophy means an increase in muscle volume in a training period (here the period considered is one month) by following a training program designed by a bodybuilding expert and official trainer.

  • The necessary planning for this course must be designed and developed under the supervision of a fitness trainer, sports medicine specialist and nutritionist. Since the body types of people are different, the planning of the courses is different for each person. Very important factors are effective in planning a one-month training period of Powerbuilding Mesocycle. The goal of the course, the athlete’s genetic structure and even the considered budget are also effective in this planning!

  • In most cases, if the same things mentioned in this article are taken into account and the sports process is followed by a specialist, the results of planning in a period of one month are usually brilliant. After the end of the course, the athlete will feel a lot of vitality and energy, and this issue, in addition to physical fitness, will also have a positive role in the coordination of nerves and muscles.

  • Among other advantages of Powerbuilding Mesocycle courses, it should be noted that it increases mental abilities and anger control. Of course, I don’t think I need to mention the relationship between fitness and self-confidence! Fitness = increased endurance = huge increase in confidence!

powerbuilding mesocycle

How many Sets and Repetitions per week are required for Hypertrophy ?

Among other advantages of powerbuilding courses, it should be mentioned that it increases mental abilities and anger control. Of course, I don’t think I need to mention the relationship between fitness and self-confidence! Fitness = increased endurance = huge increase in confidence! How many sets and repetitions per week are required for hypertrophy? It may be a bit complicated, but according to the research team, this question is one of the common questions of people who are interested in powerbuilding and have been on this path. To achieve hypertrophy (muscle building) goals, ideally, between 9 and 22 sets per week for each muscle group is a good choice. Regarding the amount of necessary repetitions, it should be said that between 6 and 30 repetitions per week can bring you closer to your desired goals. The continuation of this section is very important and you should pay a lot of attention to it. Check all the necessary items to design the program with experts and trainers who have style and credibility! The routine of a one-month training course of powerbuilding Continuation!

Important Tips about doing Powerbuilding Mesocycle

Applying this one word in the daily life (lifestyle) of many people can turn their life upside down in a very short time.
Continuity is the key to success in any field and athletes should pay special attention to this point. Of course, remember that the athletes and champions of different sports are the best and most famous of this issue.
The routine of the one-month training period of Powerbuilding Mesocycle is very important, and the continuity in the exercises should be maintained. Of course, going to the gym and training once a month will not achieve the desired results. Of course, remember that you can’t get results by practicing 3 times a day!
Anyway, the human body needs rest and recovery.
The following formula is very important.
Standard training program + continuity = desired hypertrophy!

Conclusion and closing Remarks

Powerbuilding Mesocycle has many advantages for the health of human body and soul. Paying attention to the points mentioned in this article is the key to success in this field. You need to read this article several times and complete your research. The next step is to get advice from experts and sports club trainers. The last step and of course the most important step is getting to work and doing all these things as much as possible in the gym. Good luck



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