12 and 13 inch forearms , What is the Ideal Size for forearms ?

12 and 13 inch Forearms

12 and 13 inch Forearms

Having a strong and voluminous forearm not only makes your style more beautiful, but also prevents you from getting tired during heavy activities.
The size of the forearm is not the same in all people and it depends on their age, gender, genetics, nutrition and activity level. Research has shown that, on average, men have larger forearms than women.
People who do not do sports, their forearm size is 12 on average. Exercise has a significant effect on increasing the size of the forearm. In male bodybuilders, this size reaches 17.1 inches. Size 12 is a completely normal size for the forearm, and if people strengthen it, they will see an increase in the volume and size of the forearm. The human forearm is constantly growing and its size increases until the middle of the 40s.

12 and 13 inch forearms

13 inch Forearms

13-inch forearm size is more for men; Because they have stronger muscles. 13 is considered normal and average size and people can easily increase this size by exercising. 13 is a number obtained by measuring the circumference of a man’s forearm and may not be the same for all people.

The larger the size of the forearm, the bigger and stronger the muscles will be. The average size of the forearm for men is considered 13 inches, which can be changed. The more a man weighs and the bigger his height, the larger the circumference of the forearm will be. Although 13 is the normal limit of this size; But you can strengthen and increase it with exercise.

12 and 13 inch forearms

13.5 inch forearms

Forearm sizes 13.5 and 13.4 are considered for men in the United States. This is a large forearm circumference indicating the strong and bulky muscles of these men. In men who have a strong body, the circumference of the forearm is generally 13.5 inches. This applies to athletes and bodybuilders.

Performing sports exercises with weights and ropes strengthens the forearm muscles and increases the size of the forearm. A 13.5 inch forearm indicates tall and big muscles. This size of the forearm not only makes your style more attractive; Rather, it has made it easier for you to do hard sports. This size is not only for men and is also seen in sportswomen.

What is good Forearm Size?

A good forearm size is actually a size that is proportional to the size of other muscles in the body. For men, the average and good size is 13 and for women it is 12. This size is formed according to environmental and genetic factors and lifestyle. Strength training plays a significant role in increasing size, and people who are looking for a good size for their forearms can achieve this size with special exercises.
Genetics has a great influence in determining the muscle composition and growth potential of the forearm. To reach a good size, it is better to pay attention to nutrition and sports activities. Regular strength training and specific forearm exercises can significantly increase muscle size. A balanced diet causes the growth and repair of forearm muscles and reaching average size.

How to make Forearms bigger?

Exercise and regular strength exercises play a significant role in increasing the size of the forearm. For this reason, most athletes and bodybuilders achieve massive muscles with special exercises. To achieve big forearms, you need to have proper nutrition.
Strength exercises are effective in building big and strong forearms and help a lot in increasing the volume of forearm muscles.
Bodybuilders have the largest other forearms; Because sports exercises focus well on this part of the body muscles. Weight lifting and muscle building increase the size of the forearm.
In addition to heavy training, in order to get the right size of the forearm, you must have a proper nutrition and diet plan. But despite all the sports training, we must mention that bodybuilders generally have bigger forearm muscles compared to Athletes of other sports.

Forearm Training

To have big and tall forearms, you need to do special exercises under the supervision of a trainer. But we have selected some exercises for you in this section that by continuing these exercises you can expect a bigger and more ideal forearm for yourself.

12 and 13 inch forearms

1. Exercising prone wrist twist

This exercise is done with the help of a cable and can strengthen the forearm and wrist well. The elbow should be bent to release the muscle around the head. Bend the wrist away from you and forward and return to the starting movemen.

12 and 13 inch forearms

2. Reverse wrist extension

In this exercise, a roll is used in the opposite direction. With the help of the roller, you can train the wrist and forearm perpendicular to the force of gravity. With this movement, the forearm reaches maximum tension.

12 and 13 inch forearms

3. Ulnar deviation of the rope

First, you must hold the rope of the cable reel. When starting the exercise, you should stand and put your arms together. Focus on the movement of the hand and wrist and pull the hand down and return to the starting position.

12 and 13 inch forearms

4. Farmer’s carry

With this exercise, you can easily increase the size of the forearm. In this exercise you need dumbbells. You should hold them and walk at home or in the gym. It is very important to maintain strength in this situation.

5. Pressing the clips

This is a direct capture exercise. By squeezing the clamp and releasing it, you can do this simple exercise to increase the size of the forearm. The more pressure applied to the clamp, the better the muscles are strengthened.

12 and 13 inch forearms

Average size Forearms (Female and Male)

People of any age and gender have an average and normal size for the forearm. This size is determined according to the age and size of people and these dimensions are not the same in all people. The average male forearm is between 9.9 inches and 11.7 inches. The bigger the person, the bigger the size. The average size of the forearm is larger in men than in women.

Tall people have larger forearms than short people. The forearm range for women is 9.3 inches to 10.5 inches. Women have more delicate muscles, that’s why their forearm circumference is much smaller. This normal size is the same in most people, and if a person does sports, he may exceed the average size.

12 and 13 inch forearms

Average Forearm Length

The length of your forearm can affect their overall size. The length of the right forearm in men varies between 7.87 and 12 inches and 7.87 and 11.81 inches. This length in women is 7.5 to 12.2 inches and in the left hand this size is 7.5 to 13 inches. In tall people, the length of the forearm is longer. Genetics and physical structure of the body can have a direct effect on the length of the forearms of different people.
The average length of the forearm in men is 10 inches and in women is 9.25 inches. Athletes and bodybuilders have been able to overcome average and normal dimensions and have large and bulky forearms. The longest recorded measurement for the right forearm is 12 inches in males and 12.2 inches in females. The interesting point is that according to research, the right forearm is longer than the left in both sexes.


The size of the forearm in men and women is completely different according to their age and genetics. By doing hard strength training, bodybuilders have been able to increase their average size and have powerful Muscles. Variation in forearm size shows that people are completely different in terms of physical structure and genetics. Along with exercise and training, proper nutrition can also bring you to the ideal size. The more strength training you do, the sooner you will get closer to the desired result.

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