10 Main reasons Why my Body is not growing in Gym ?

10 Main reasons Why my Body is not growing in Gym

Maybe you are one of the athletes who are facing a problem that many Athletes are struggling with today. Most of the people start exercising with many motivations. In their imagination, having an ideal and beautiful body is achieved with hard work and effort in Sports training.

10 Main reasons Why my Body is not growing in Gym ?

Although this is true, other important Factors are involved in the desired sports results, whose contribution is in no way less than Sports training. In this article, we state the reasons and solutions that, if you follow them carefully and follow the instructions, you will see many remarkable changes on your Body. These changes help your Body and Muscles to be more productive.

Problem of low body Growth despite Sports Training

Most growth problems occur for people after the first few months of training. The body does not provide us with the necessary capacity to improve sports results. But with a closer examination, we can check its symptoms.

1. Do you have enough Calories in your Diet ?

Maybe you are one of those people who do not measure the amount of calories entering your body. Therefore, you should know that if the intake of calories is insufficient, the body will try to use the amount stored inside the body. Fats are not always the victims of lack of adequate calories, but they can be supplied by more accessible structures, i.e. muscles. Calories should be used, which is a factor for getting results during training.

From the beginning, try to measure the exact amount of calories by measuring the amount of food you eat and the portions you consume and the resources you receive.

In this case, by getting the amount of calories your body needs, you can make sure that you don’t get too many calories or suffer from a lack of calories.

2. Exercising at the wrong time

Our body has different preparations in different periods of time to start training and performance. The best time to exercise can be difficult for many people due to their work schedule and busy life.
In the afternoon, the body releases the highest amount of testosterone for training, in addition to the fact that at this time the body has been awake for hours and is at its peak of preparation.
Also, starting exercise right after eating is not good for the body.
In order to digest food, the body directs the blood circulation to the stomach, and when you start exercising during food digestion, you concentrate the blood circulation to the muscles, which can cause digestive disorders.

3. low Quality of Sports Training is an important factor

It is often seen that people who are newly engaged in sports training cannot find suitable movements for their body type and according to their goals.
This not only hurts newcomers, but it can be a factor in the lack of body growth for people who have been training for a long time. An unclear and low-quality training program, regardless of your body type, reduces the quality of your training and growth.
The training program should be specifically designed for your body type. Using other people’s training program limits your growth capacity. Each precise and professional training program is designed with a good knowledge of muscles and weak points.

10 Main reasons Why my Body is not growing in Gym

4. You are not using the full capacity of your body

You should honestly ask yourself this question, is the amount of training you are doing satisfactory and do you think you can get results with this style of training? Any exercise that does not use the full capacity of the body will not be a challenge for muscle growth. If you want the muscles to grow and develop completely, you have to challenge yourself, try heavier weights and put the body under pressure. To progress and increase muscles, you must be honest with yourself.

5. Irregular and insufficient rest is absolute poison for the body

The recovery process is one of the most important growth processes that starts from the end of training and continues until the next training session. The body experiences tension during sports training and these tensions are important and vital for growth.
At the end of a workout, give the body a chance to cool down like hammered steel. This cooling of steel makes its real power and strength.
Just like the human body, which needs sufficient and regular opportunities to correct and rehabilitate itself. Combine regular exercise with regular rest and you will be amazed at the amazing results.

6. The Body is not properly hydrated

Always carry plenty of hydrated drinks or water with you during exercise. Remember that the needs of the body are different at different times of the year. As much as you care about your food, you should also pay attention to the amount of water entering your body.

Not getting enough water for the body causes many problems, including increased muscle tension, decreased energy, and increased catabolism. Besides, dehydration is dangerous for the body. Help the body to reduce the temperature inside the body by doing exercise with the help of drinking water and have more balance to continue the exercises.

10 Main reasons Why my Body is not growing in Gym

7. Stopping too much between Workouts

It is very common to see people working on a machine for long minutes during sports training, regardless of the available time and the need of others for sports equipment. With a clearer look, we can see that after doing a training set, they rest for long minutes or play with their phones. Rest time and long pauses between sports sets are absolute poison for body growth.
Do not give your body too much rest. Resting too much separates the body from the state of positive tension caused by exercise, and as the body cools down, exercise loses its effect.
You can consider 30 to 40 seconds as the best amount of rest according to the difficulty of the movements. In addition, you can rest for 3 to 4 minutes between sports movements.

8. Insufficient sleep is the enemy of body Growth

Are you one of those people who are busy with your phone until hours after night or do you sleep irregularly? You should know that by doing this you are acting against the growth and development of your body.
Inadequate and irregular sleep is the real enemy of body growth. Have a specific plan for sleeping at night and stay committed to it. The big mistake most people make is that they consider only enough sleep to be enough for the body.
If the body’s biological clock requires a specific time to rest the body. Any successive changes on this time will stop the growth of the body.

9. You get insufficient Protein

One of the most important factors for muscle growth is providing the body with enough protein. The body needs proteins to build muscles, just like building materials.
Proteins are the main building blocks of muscle tissue. In other articles on the site, we have mentioned the actual amount of protein required for the body of different people. By reading it, you can get the exact amount of protein needed for your body.

how much protein should we consume in a day ?

Daily Protein Use

The lack of protein not only does not cause growth, but also reduces the amount of muscles.
The best way to compensate for the lack of protein in muscle meals is to supply it through protein supplements, which you can find and buy in different types of stores.

10. Excessive exercise

So far, we mentioned the issues that reminded us how important it is to ignore and short on exercises, nutrition and rest.
But in the end, we point out that ignoring it will harm the body. The issue of overdoing sports training can be a harmful issue for the body and the start of injuries.
Exercising for several hours and spending a long time in the gym damages the body, so use your body’s capacity to a sufficient extent.
The body does not build more muscles by doing long sports exercises. In fact, by doing several sessions in one day, you damage the rest and recovery of the muscles and make them incomplete.

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