Why is it important to warm up before Ergometer?

aufwärmen vor dem ergometer

Why is it important to warm up before Ergometer?

Warming up before the ergometer: a creative solution to increase energy before exercise

Warming up before the treadmill is one of the basic steps before exercise that makes exercise more effective.

But do you know why warming up before exercise is important? In fact, warming up means preparing the muscles, joints and cardiovascular system for more activity. This process prepares the body to gradually and optimally adapt to the training situation.

aufwärmen vor dem ergometer

Effects of warm up before Ergometer

Warming up before the ergometer serves two main purposes:

  1. Increasing body temperature and improving blood flow, which increases energy and creates flexibility in muscles
  2. Activating the cardiovascular system, increasing the heart rate effectively, breathing and strengthening the connection between the brain and muscles, which will ultimately improve the performance and ability of a person during exercise. The warm-up process before ergometer exercise can be useful to achieve effective exercises and prevent injury and premature fatigue; In the rest of this article, we will discuss the importance of this issue.

aufwärmen vor dem ergometer

Ergometer exercise: a way to ensure more health

Ergometer (or treadmill) is a sports activity for walking or pedaling by at different speeds with the help of a device called a ergometer. Ergometer is like a conveyor with a rotating band that the athlete can run on by manually controlling the speed. This machine has different settings for speed, incline and other training features to create more calories and better muscle growth effect by pressing on different areas of the body.
Using a ergometer is very useful for strengthening the heart and blood vessels, increasing the power of the organs, burning fat and increasing the overall physical level of the body. Also, the ergometer is considered a suitable choice for training at various times and places; From home spaces and closed environments to open spaces and large sports clubs.

What is the advantage of warm up before Ergometer or Treadmill ?

Proper warm-up for building Muscle and exercising with a ergometer is a series of activities that are performed before the start of exercise by a ergometer to prepare the body for exercise. These activities lead to raising the body temperature, increasing the blood flow to the muscles and cardiovascular system, increasing the flexibility in the muscles and continuing in the exercise. Pre-ergometer warm-up is useful to reduce the risk of sports injuries, improve performance quality and exercise efficiency.

aufwärmen vor dem ergometer

Effects of treadmill pre-warming

  1. Raise body temperature
  2. Effective blood supply
  3. Improve nerve flow
  4. Adaptation of muscles
  5. Damage reduction
  6. Prevent heart attack

Raise body temperature
A proper warm-up increases the core temperature of the body and helps the muscles become softer and more flexible. This reduces injury and muscle pain.

Effective blood supply
Warming up the body improves the efficiency of the heart and increases its heart rate, resulting in more oxygen delivery to the muscles.

Improve nerve flow
A proper warm-up for muscle building makes the nerve flow in the body work better, and as a result, the reaction speed increases during exercise.

Adaptation of Muscles
Warming up makes the human brain ready to start exercising and coordinate muscle movements well.

Damage reduction
Warming up reduces the stretching of muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments, and this is very important in the ergometer exercise process.

Prevent heart Attack
Sudden training and exercise may put pressure on the heart and cause a heart attack, but warming up will increase the heart rate and improve heart function during exercise.

aufwärmen vor dem ergometer

What are the warm-up exercises before the Treadmill ?

It is better to warm up your body before starting the exercise with the treadmill. For example, it is necessary to warm up your back before exercising, warm up your hips before exercising, and take stretching exercises for shoulders, neck, arms, and legs seriously.
The mentioned exercises can be done without a support, but the table, wall and chair can play an auxiliary role. Using light weights can also be useful and practical. Below are some ideas for warming up before the treadmill.

aufwärmen vor dem ergometer

What are warm-up stretches ?

Pull your back and toes up and stretch yourself. Hold this position for 15 seconds.
Lie down and bring your knees to your chest. Cross your arms and stay in this position for 20 seconds. After that, rest and repeat the movement again.

If you are short, sit on a chair and try not to touch the floor with your feet, or sit on a table with your feet together on one side. Place a light weight on the top of your feet. Next, bend the ankle and maintain this position for about 15 seconds. Now, after a little rest, repeat the movement.
Put your back against the wall. Place your feet about a foot apart and shoulder-width apart. As you place your heels on the floor, raise and lower your toes a few times. After a little rest, do the second set of this exercise.
Lean your hands on the wall for balance. Bend one knee up and bend halfway down with the other knee. Alternate legs and complete ten half squats on each side.
Turn your body and stand against the wall with pressure. Bend down and stay in this position for about 20 seconds until the leg is properly stretched, then rest and repeat the movement.

Best Equipment to warm up before the Ergometer

To warm up your body before exercising on the ergometer, you can walk lightly on the ergometer for about one minute at a speed of 2.5 to 3.5 km/h. After that, fix the speed at about 3 km and if you can, walk on your toes for half a minute of this time. Walk slowly on your heels for the second half minute.
Next, you can adjust the incline to 6 degrees and keep the speed constant between 2.5 and 3 km/h. Continue walking for about 1 minute. If you feel that this speed and slope of 6 degrees is heavy and intense for you, reduce the speed. After 2 minutes of exercise on the ergometer with an incline of 6, reduce the incline to zero. Run the next and last 1 minute to warm up slowly and smoothly at 2.5 speed.

aufwärmen vor dem ergometer

Pre-treadmill warm-up period , How long should it take?

Warming up before activity and sports training takes about 10 minutes. Of course, this number is not always fixed and may change according to the type of activity, its speed and intensity.

last word

Today, exercising with a treadmill or ergometer is very popular among people of all ages, an activity that strengthens muscles and gains fitness. Of course, the thing that you need to pay attention to is the warm-up exercises before fitness, which will improve the process and prevent possible problems. For this reason, warming up before the treadmill is considered an important and necessary element, and it is necessary to improve the quality of your sports activities by being aware of it.

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