Urs Kalecinski , All about his Personal Life and Training Methods + Special Diet Plan

If you’re interested in sports and the bodybuilding profession, you’ve probably heard of Urs Kalecinski. But maybe it’s about biographies, meal plans and … Don’t have any information about this famous athlete. To learn more about Urs Kalecinski, read this article to the end!

Urs Kalecinski was born on 30 April 1998 in Germany. His parents were also interested in professions such as cycling and fitness, following these exercises. For this reason, Urs also showed interest in sports from a young age and began activities such as and football.

Also, from childhood, he dreamed of becoming a professional skier. But over time, Urs realized that in the urban environment, there were no ideal conditions for skiing. In addition, pursuing the profession also caused Urs to face a curricular problem at school. Therefore, at the age of 18, he abandoned the dream of becoming a professional skier.

Urs discovered the bodybuilding profession at the age of 18 and immediately entered the field.

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Like other bodybuilders, rumors have spread about Urs’s height. But the actual height of Urs Kalecinski is about 180 the images of this bodybuilder, you can see the height and height of Urs Kalecinski. The young bodybuilder also weighs from 90 to 95 kilograms.

Kalecinski began his bodybuilding career in 2013 by participating in local competitions. He quickly gained fame and won several regional races as well. Kalecinski was able to earn his professional bodybuilding card in 2017. Kalecinski’s interest in the sport and his toned figure has attracted the attention of all those interested in the sport.

They even invited kalsinsky to attend several international competitions. Urs kalsinsky also made his professional debut in 2019, winning the third resistant. In 2019, he also competed in several other competitions and was able to win the top resistance.

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Urs is becoming the star of the bodybuilding profession on the Olympia stage despite her young age. While Chris bamstead is considered one of his biggest rivals, the two silvers also work together.

Because bamstead, Urs’s rival, is pursuing tougher workouts, he also has stronger shoulders and legs. Of course, Urs is also trying to strengthen his muscles by doing more exercise to beat his opponent. With diligence and diligence, Urs can win the ultimate prize in the bodybuilding competitions of classical physics.

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There is no news about Urs Kalecinski’s wife and children. The bodybuilder is single, but has an affair with a lady named Aliche. Aliche has appeared with him at the Olympic Games in urs Kalecinski and his videos. Not much information about Aliche is available and the pair have not put forward a plan for marriage.

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Urs Kalecinski collaborates with his professional trainer to perform sports exercises. The bodybuilder targets certain parts of the body in his workouts. He does not overdo it and does a combination of different sports movements.

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Urs Kalecinski has been able to achieve many awards and achievements in the last few years. He was able to finish third and second in the Arnold Classic. In addition, the bronze medal was also awarded to the young bodybuilder in the Olympia physics competition.

Urs Kalecinski is a young prospective athlete who works in the classical bodybuilding profession. The athlete noted that he intends to win the Mr. Olympia and is trying to achieve this goal. Urs Kalecinski became a star of the bodybuilding world with the aim of winning the Masters of Olympia.

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Like any other famous bodybuilder, Urs Kalecinski follows a strict diet. As he approaches the time frame for participating in competitions, he includes less calorie intake in his diet. Urs Kalecinski’s strong and toned body shows that he has worked for many years to do sports exercises and also follows a certain diet. In fact, Kalecinski’s diet has a significant impact on his increased muscle strength.

As a bodybuilder, he incorporates protein-rich foods into his diet and also limits the consumption of carbohydrates and fats. Urs Kalecinski includes more food intake in his diet during the day than seven meals. In the table below we have prepared for you a list of daily dietary compounds used by Urs Kalecinski:

Urs Kalecinski’s diet
Egg whites and whole eggs
the vegetables
Urs Kalecinski 4

The last word.

Urs kalsinsky is included in the list of young bodybuilders who have been very interested in sports activities since childhood. The young athlete has tried to strengthen his muscles well by doing professional exercises to become a successful bodybuilder.

Despite his younger age, he has been able to be respected by many fans in the bodybuilding profession. If you are also planning to become a successful bodybuilder like kalsinsky, be sure to pay attention to your daily activities and exercises, diet and muscle strength.


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