Torn Ankle Ligaments ; Causes and Treatment in Home

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Torn Ankle Ligaments ; Causes and Treatment in Home

Leg ligament tears and ankle sprains are among the most common sports injuries. Due to the fact that this complication happens mostly to athletes, it can disrupt a person’s performance and sports activities. In the continuation of this article, we will examine ligament rupture or stretching, its symptoms and treatment methods.

What is foot ligament tear and how does it occur?

Ankle sprain is the most common sports injury among athletes. When this sprain occurs, the blood vessels are separated, causing swelling and bruising in the ankle area.
At the same time, the ankle ligament may be torn. Rupture of the ankle ligament will interfere with a person’s walking, and a person suffering from this problem will experience severe pain when moving the ankle and walking.

How many types of leg ligament tears are there ?

There are different types of ankle ligament tears depending on the type of injury and where it is injured. When the ankle is sprained, you may suddenly feel a sharp pain in the ankle and hear a noise. In this situation, the crack in the ankle probably happened after twisting the ankle. Research has shown that about 85% of ligament tears occur due to twisting of the ankle while walking or running. It is also natural that the injury that occurs when the leg twists while running is much more severe than when it occurs while walking.

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Rupture of the ligament

One of the most common types of leg ligament tears is when the ligament slips between the fibula and the talus. The task of this ligament is to prevent the leg and tibia bone from being stretched forward. It is interesting to know that the most common tear in the ankle ligament is related to this ligament.

Torn Deltoid ligament

Rupture of the deltoid ligament is a rare event, and it can be said that about 10% of people who have an ankle ligament tear experience a Deltoid ligament tear. The Deltoid ligament is only torn when the heel turns outward.

Rupture of the heel ligament

When the ankle twists inward, the ligament between the calcaneus and the fibula can be damaged. In more severe cases, damage, stretching or tearing may involve the scapular ligament at the same time and cause damage or tearing. If this happens to you, you need to bandage the ankle quickly and keep it cold. In this situation, bleeding is prevented, and of course, you should place the leg higher than the body level while sitting, so that treatment can be done as soon as possible.

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Symptoms of a torn ligament (symptoms of a torn leg ligament)

The first symptom that appears after a torn ankle ligament is probably severe swelling in the outer area of the wrist and bruises on it. In this case, if the weight of your body falls on the foot, the amount of swelling and bruising may reach the foot and toe
Also, among the most obvious symptoms of this complication, the following can be mentioned:

  1. severe swelling
  2. Bleeding
  3. Inflammation, especially on the outside of the ankle
  4. Instability in the ankle joint
  5. A feeling of pain on the outside of the ankle
  6. Inability to touch the ankle joint
  7. Making noise in the joint when twisting
  8. In addition, some nerves in this area may become sensitive or damaged due to stretching.
  9. Another common symptom in the continuation of this problem is mobility disability in the joint.

How to prevent wrist ligament Tears ?

Prevention of sprains and ruptures of foot ligaments is better than treatment. It should be noted that there are measures that can be used to prevent ankle sprains.
Some of these measures are listed below:

  1. Using standard and suitable shoes during sports and other activities
  2. Doing ankle strengthening exercises
  3. The use of tape and bandage suitable for weak ankles should be used during exercise
  4. Doing sports activities and playing in places where there are no holes or obstacles
  5. Refer to a doctor or a specialist in the field of ankles if there are things such as deviation of the thumb or smoothness of the soles of the feet.

Methods of treating ankle ligament tears

When the leg ligament is sprained or torn, home and medical treatment methods can be used depending on the type of injury and its severity in order to achieve a faster recovery.

Home methods:

1. rest

2. put ice

3. Using an elastic band that causes compression

4. Epsom salt

5. Use of turmeric It should be noted that the mentioned cases are only for the time when the severity of the damage is low and finally a simple sprain has occurred. If the amount of injury and its severity is significant, you must use medical treatment methods under the supervision of a doctor.

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Medical Methods

1. Physiotherapy

If the doctor examines the condition of the ankle and deems physiotherapy suitable, he will offer suitable exercises to the patient.

The evaluation of the condition of the ankle is done as follows:

– Examining the damaged area

– Checking motor power

– Examination of joint swelling

– Power check

– Assessment of movement potential

– Checking balance or imbalance After examining the above, the necessary exercises are given to the patient.

Physiotherapy exercise programs for the treatment of leg ligament tears or sprains include the following:

1. Exercises related to range of motion

2. Isometric exercises

3. Strength and resistance exercises

4. Exercises to improve balance

5. Plyometric sports exercises

2. Taking Medication

According to the doctor’s diagnosis, anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal drugs such as ibuprofen may be prescribed to reduce pain and inflammation.

3. Surgery

If the injury is severe, the doctor recommends surgery. This surgery involves repairing the ligament or ligaments that have been damaged.

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When should we see a doctor?

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you should see a doctor:

  1. A lot of pain
  2. Inability to walk
  3. Failure to improve the ankle area within 5 days to a week
  4. Abnormal swelling in the ankle
  5. Numbness of the foot or fingers
  6. The presence of pain and inflammation in the upper part of the leg, below the knee or leg muscles
  7. Redness of the affected area

Long-term consequences of ankle ligament tears

Complications of twisting or tearing the ankle ligament can include the following:

1. Deltoid weakness

2. Lack of stability in ankle function

3. Increased likelihood of ankle sprains

4. The occurrence of serious injury in the prominence of the talus bone of the ankle

5. Fracture of fibula and tibia

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How long does it take for a sprained ankle to heal ?

All factors affecting the speed and time of ankle recovery depend on the injury and its severity. Most injuries are minor and may improve with the above home remedies such as rest, ice, not moving too much, and keeping the ankle elevated while sitting. In this situation, the treatment process lasts from one week to five weeks. In severe sprains or tears, recovery and return to normal conditions will be longer and more difficult; It may even take months.

last word

In this article, we tried to explain the important points that you need to know about sprained ankles or torn ligaments. If the damage is not too severe and serious, it can be treated well with the mentioned home remedies. Of course, in situations where the damage is more severe, it is necessary to consult an orthopedic or rehabilitation doctor.

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