OMAD and Weight Lifting , Best Tips for improve Performance + Results

OMAD and Weight Lifting

OMAD and Weight Lifting

This diet ( OMAD ) is one of the latest methods that has become the main trend in the media and social networks in the field of fitness. Bloggers, news networks, sites and many people have talked about this newly designed method and shared their opinions and experiences. In this article, stay with the editorial department of King Supp to discuss all the issues related to this topic and show you the best results.

OMAD and Weight Lifting

OMAD and Weight Lifting Results ; How it works ?

The abbreviation of OMAD is “One Meal A Day“, which in English means eating one meal a day. The main idea hidden behind the design of this high-profile diet can be called eating one meal a day. Contrary to what the famous influencers of the field of fitness intend to show in social networks, this diet is one of the simplest and most attractive diets in the field of exercise and nutrition.
This strategy is designed and compiled in such a way that people are allowed to consume only one meal during the day. During the consumption of edible substances in the mentioned process, it should be noted that all the consumption items needed by the human body are available in the meal. One of the most important points that should be taken into account in relation to this diet is the time of the meal, which we will examine and analyze in detail below.
While following the OMAD diet (OMAD and Weight Lifting), it should be noted that there is a one-hour time limit for consuming the meals included in the program. This time limit means that you will only need one hour to consume the meal. This makes the mentioned program a little difficult; But the experiences of many people have shown that the benefits and advantages of this method are so great that it is worth a little effort.

OMAD and Weight Lifting

According to what has been said, it is interesting to know that there is no other special point or rule to follow in this method. Most diet plans and diets contain a large number of rules, most of which are impossible to follow. One of the attractions and reasons for the rapid growth of this type of diet is its simplicity and high effectiveness, which can be benefited by using the right nutritional methods.
The interesting thing that you should pay attention to is that this diet does not even mention the foods that should be consumed. Due to the existence of this issue in the design of this diet, many experts in the field of sports and physical education believe that OMAD is not a diet but a nutritional pattern. Of course, it should be noted that most experts emphasize the use of nutrients and useful foods during this period.

OMAD and Weight Lifting

OMAD ; Really Useful for muscle Building ?

Is the OMAD diet good for building muscle?
This is one of the most important questions that many athletes face after reviewing their diets. Is it possible to build muscle with this method and diet plan? Is it possible to grow muscles in the long term using this diet plan?
These kinds of questions are always one of the most important questions that athletes and, of course, sports professionals and coaches face. Examining many articles in academic forums, internet and social networks shows the bitter truth that has been fueled a lot. Many of these people claim that this method is not only a good method; It is even the best possible way to build muscles and build big and beautiful muscles!
In fact, our studies and research have shown that this method is not and is not suitable for building muscle. Our reasons are very simple and logical, which we will discuss further. Muscles need two basic conditions to grow and develop their structure.

  • Consuming calories needed by the body or even a little more
  • Sufficient protein consumption

To answer the question that the OMAD diet is good for muscle building, it is necessary to refer to these two effective factors in muscle building. This diet does not have the necessary conditions to include these two conditions, and for this reason, it must be said that, unfortunately, muscle building cannot be achieved using this method. Consuming the required amount of calories and protein in one hour is completely impossible and completely harmful, and it is not recommended at all.

OMAD and Weight Lifting

OMAD And Exercise Results

When it comes to combining this food plan with weight lifting for the purpose of building muscle, it’s easy to say never!
This issue and paying attention to it is very important; Because weightlifting and especially exercises that have a high level and heavy weights are used in them, require a very specific and heavy meal plan. It is definitely not possible to achieve the required goals of lifting weights using this diet.
Bodybuilding and following the OMAD diet at the same time can be harmful and cause irreparable consequences for the person exercising. Maybe this diet is suitable for losing weight and getting rid of belly and side fat; But for building muscle and their structure, it has never been and is not a good option.
Unfortunately, media advertising and social media propaganda always spread false and incorrect information. This issue has a history of the past few decades and there is nothing new in it.
Many people and media published ridiculous and false claims such as the following:

  1. OMAD diet is the best option for building muscle!
  2. The OMAD diet works best for weight loss and belly fat!
  3. The OMAD diet will greatly increase your energy!
  4. OMAD diet is very effective in saving your time and money!
  5. OMAD diet can cure cancers!

All that needs to be said is that statements like the ones above show the low knowledge and very low logic of the people who publish such ridiculous things.
One should be careful not to fall into the trap of such scams.

OMAD and Weight Lifting

OMAD and Weight Lifting for Weight Loss

Obesity, abdominal fat, and fat burning on the sides are among the most important challenges that more than 90% of society is looking for a solution to. The weight loss market has been booming and very profitable for many people in the last few years!
One of the most important reasons for designing and providing such nutritional systems and programs can be considered to help people who are looking to lose weight and reduce body fat. This diet can perform better in this field due to limiting the consumption of calories during the day. Of course, it should be mentioned that this method is not the best way to reduce fat; Because in the long run it will lead to a decrease in muscle structure in the body and will play an effective role in reducing strength.

OMAD and Weight Lifting

Deeper look at the OMAD Diet

In a simple analysis, we can say that this diet, which has created a lot of noise all over the world, is the same as our fasting, with the difference that you can eat for 1 hour a day!

The rules of the OMAD diet are very simple and following them can have benefits.
You are able to eat whatever you want, regardless of calories and type of food (of course, we recommend that you use nutritious and healthy foods and be aware of not overeating)

It is completely free to consume calorie-free drinks throughout the day. (During the day you can enjoy black tea, water and coffee)

You must be committed to your meal plan and eat your meals at a specific time.
Paying attention to these points and adhering to them can lead to good results in the long term in the field of weight loss and general health of people.

OMAD and Weight Lifting

OMAD and Weight lifting Meal Plan

This program has many attractions, which is one of the most important reasons for its popularity in society.
According to the rules of this diet, which we talked about a little earlier, it is allowed to eat food of your choice in the daily meal. But with all these interpretations, it is better to be aware of the consumption of useful foods, brains, micronutrients and other healthy food sources and enjoy its benefits in the long run.
According to research, there are foods and special foods that can be very helpful and effective during the diet. In the following, we will refer to some of the most important of these cases.
Fruits: grapes, watermelon, mango, pineapple
Vegetables: cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, sweet potato, bell pepper, lettuce, turnip, beet, carrot
Grains: wheat, brown rice, black rice, quinoa, oats
Legumes: peas, lentils, beans, beans, soybeans
Nuts: pistachios, walnuts, almonds, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, oilseeds
Healthy fats: full-fat milk, full-fat yogurt, cheddar cheese, buttermilk, coconut oil
Protein: eggs, fish, red meat, beef, chicken
In addition to paying attention to these things, you should be careful to avoid eating the following foods as much as possible.
Meat fat, meat bacon
Fried fish, canned fish
Ice cream, snacks, processed foods

Difference between Weight loss and Muscle building with OMAD Diet

OMAD and Weight Lifting

In the beginning, we said that this method is not suitable for building muscle, so you are not going to see results based on it. Of course, it should be noted that this issue is slightly different for weight loss. Because this method is relatively effective and efficient for reducing fat and losing weight in general.
Many people who have benefited from this diet claim that the initial results of following this lifestyle can be seen after 2 to 3 weeks. These people have added that serious and noticeable results are visible after about 8 to 12 months after starting the actions.
The results of this method are usually associated with weight loss and a feeling of comfort, lightness and health in the body.
A very interesting point that should be noted is that the body of people who benefit from this method starts consuming body fat from the very first day. This is a defense mechanism in the human body that starts using fat storage after about 12 hours of hunger and not consuming food.
It is interesting here that in terms of weight, people who are obese may lose about 5 kg in the first month using this method. This figure for normal people is between 1 and 2 kg per week.


Each nutritional system has its own advantages and disadvantages, which should be chosen according to one’s goals. The best way to choose the type of nutrition system and food plan is to see a specialist doctor. OMAD diet will have a positive effect for weight loss; But it is not recommended for the long term at all. Consuming enough and as much as all the necessary nutrients for the body along with lifting weights continuously is the best way to maintain health.

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