Narrow Clavicles , Symptoms of Disease and Treatments

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Narrow clavicles are originally considered shoulder bones and are placed in the front. In fact, these bones are located between the shoulder and the sternum. In general, each person has two clavicles, one in the right and the other in the left part of the body.
It is known as one of the long bones of the body that is placed horizontally in the body.

It should be noted that this part of the body is also a kind of privilege and aesthetic appearance.some people have a beautiful and prominent clavicle in a completely genetic way, while others do not have a prominent clavicle, but today there are various exercises that can be very helpful in highlighting the clavicle.

The collarbone is one of the most important and main bones of the shoulder joint and also plays a very effective role in the body. In other words, it’s better with the help of narrow clavicles, which hold the shoulder up and back, and along with the Dicker, the bones help increase stability as well as shoulder strength.

It also protects the nerves or blood vessels in the neck and shoulder. Stay tuned for more on narrow clavicles.

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What are Narrow Clavicles

In general, clavicles are a type of long, slightly curved bone that connects the arms to the body. You can find these bones on both sides of your neck. These bones help a lot to keep the shoulder blade moving, and in other words, they help the body to be in the right position while moving.
The word clavicles is originally derived from the word clavicles, which is also translated into a small key, because it is a little similar to the old Keys and works in almost the same way. In other words, when you turn the key, the lock moves, similarly, when you move or lift your arm, your clavicle rotates along the axis to allow you to move.

Of course, it is also worth mentioning that this bone may also suffer damage due to its sensitive position. These types of injuries are mainly caused in sports or car accidents. Some children at birth may also suffer congenital injuries. You may have wondered what narrow clavicles is made of. In fact, these bones are made up of layers of cells and proteins.

They have a hard outer layer or shell and a sponge inner layer or sponge bone. The main purpose of these bones is to protect your upper body and play an effective role in how you move. They keep your shoulders in place and allow your body to transfer the weight of your upper body to your head, neck, back, and chest.

1. Wide vs Narrow Clavicles

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When it comes to building a dream body, there are many and varied topics that you should pay attention to. But there is a possibility that you have never thought of narrow clavicles for the construction of a dream body. You’ve probably thought about things like how to enlarge your chest, how to practice widening your shoulders, or how to increase your upper body strength. Especially for MEN, These are some of the most popular fitness goals in the gym, along with having a bigger chest.

Many of these mentioned items depend on something called narrow clavicles to have a beautiful and attractive look. But what does it mean to have a wide or narrow clavicle?

In fact, it is worth mentioning that the topic of a wide or narrow clavicle depends entirely on the length of the clavicle bone compared to the length of your waist. Mostly, men have longer hips and wider shoulders compared to women. Notice that the width of the clavicle is mainly genetic.

Although clavicles develop from childhood to puberty, they accelerate in men after puberty between the ages of 13 and 18. It’s important to note that narrow clavicles are all small and short clavicles, or that people with this type of clavicle cannot have large shoulders, is very wrong. It is necessary to mention one of the most famous bodybuilders.
A man named Phil Heath and seven-time winner of Mr. Olympia who became very famous for his bodybuilding skills. However, this person did not have long and large claws compared to his body. Regardless, he was able to achieve very large shoulders and exercises with a lot of training.

2. Small Clavicles

As mentioned, some narrow clavicles, or rather some narrow clavics, are narrow and others are wide. But what is the way to help diagnose a narrow or wide clavicle? Shoulder-to-back ratio, or Adonis, can be one of the best ways to determine whether your clavicle is wide or narrow. It should be noted that the ideal shoulder-to-waist ratio in men is about 6.1, meaning that the shoulders are mainly much wider than the waist and give a narrow figure to men.

In women, this shoulder-to-waist ratio is somewhat lower and is considered to be about 1.4. If your ratio is much lower than this, you probably have narrower and smaller shoulders. As mentioned, you can do a lot of things to balance your shoulder size, which gives you a wide appearance.

Movements such as dorsal deltoids, frontal deltoids, glenohomeral joints, and latismus dorsi are among the movements that can all improve the appearance of narrow clavicles. Training your shoulders in the right shape can help improve muscle fibers, reduce body fat, and also prevent injuries, including rupture of the rotator cuff.

Clavicle Anatomy

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Although some narrow clavicles are small or wide, it can be said that in general, an adult has a clavicle of about 6 inches and is placed along the top of the chest in the front part of the shoulder. These bones are horizontally located, connecting the ligaments of the sternum in the middle of the chest to the shoulder blade. Mainly narrow clavicles are long and fit just below the surface of your skin, which may make it prone to injury.
Children, adolescents, and athletes are more likely to suffer from these injuries, such as shoulder or shoulder dislocation. Adults, including those of older age, are mostly more susceptible to falls and fractures. Types of injuries and fractures that may occur to narrow clavicles include:

Fracture of the Clavicle

In this type of injury, narrow clavicles fracture in one or more places. a healthcare provider is mainly called a dislocated clavicle when the ends of the broken bones are not aligned.

The Shoulder is separated

Some of the other injuries that may occur to your narrow clavicles are that your shoulder is separated. In this type of injury, the collar and shoulder blade are torn or separated from each other. The separation of the minoat shoulder will upset your clavicle balance. They also cause pain and bumps under the skin.
Of course other injuries may occur for narrow clavicles including:

  1. Arthritis
  2. Bone cancer
  3. Chest withdrawal syndrome

Common Signs and Symptoms of Clavicle Disease

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Pain is generally one of the most common signs and symptoms of the disease. But other common signs and symptoms of narrow clavicles include:

  1. inflation
  2. Incapacitated when lifting arms or grabbing
  3. belongings
  4. Bruising or discoloration
  5. Protruding mass near the clavicle

Common Tests to check the Status of Narrow Clavicles

If you feel symptoms of a clavicle injury or have a variety of clavicle diseases, you should definitely seek help from a doctor. In general, narrow clavicles use a variety of tests, including:

  1. X-rays
  2. MRI imaging
  3. CT tomography

Common Treatments for Clavicles

The treatment of pain and / or injury caused to your narrow clavicles will depend entirely on the type of problem caused. But in general we recommend the following treatments for these types of injuries:

  1. Rest your shoulder or stay still until your bone heals. Your doctor may also recommend a special belt.
  2. Using ice packs for about 20 minutes each time is another common treatment method.
  3. Over-the-counter pain relievers, including Profen, can also help you in these cases.
  4. If your collarbone is broken, you may need surgery to restore your bones back to health and secure them in place.

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Here are some ways to help keep the skeletal system and narrow clavicles in general safe:
1. Include various sports, including walking, running, or tennis, for 30 minutes on most days of the week.
2. Include enough vitamin D and calcium in your diet to build strong bones.
3. Try other resistance exercises to strengthen your bones.
4. Walk down stairs with extreme caution and avoid falling.
5. Quit smoking and minimize alcohol use.
6. Be sure to use protective equipment when doing activities that may pose risks to your body. For example, do not forget to wear a helmet while cycling.

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Now that you’re familiar with narrow clavicles, it’s important to know that the average shoulder width may change over time, and without new measurements of a very large and diverse population of people, it’s difficult to give a precise average. However, based on the biacromial measurements that have been made over the past years, let’s give a general and, of course, relative statistic on the narrow heads of men and women.

Researchers in the United States say that the average shoulder width for men is about 16 inches, or 41 centimeters, and for women, 14 inches, or 36 centimeters. Carefully considering what the measurement is for, how the shoulder width is measured may also have differences. The shoulder width is somewhat changeable. It should be noted that you cannot change the bone structure of your body because this is determined by genetics.

This also includes the collarbones. However, you can develop and develop your muscular shoulders in a number of ways. For example, you can use different training methods to make your shoulders stronger and wider, and to make them look more beautiful.

Note that to get the desired result, you need to make sure that your shoulders are well widened from the front, side or back. This can also help correct shoulders that are rounded or curved.

In this article, we tried to introduce you to narrow clavicles. The clavicle is actually one of the most important and, of course, attractive bones in the body that may also be seen as narrow, small or wide. The important thing is that you can help these bones stand out by doing different exercises and make your body look more attractive.

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