Mike Tyson Workout Routine ; Complete Schedule + 3 Secrets for doing it easier !

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Mike Tyson Workout Routine: What made him Different and Successful

was in 1980 that Mike Tyson was discovered. 6 years later the 20-year-old destroyed Trevor the Barbican in 6 minutes to crown the throne and start a kingdom in the sport of boxing. 6 years may seem like an insignificant time to become an all-out fighter; this means that the extent of his progress compared to other fighters has been stunning. You should know that despite the training, Mike Tyson’s daily routine and the quality and consistency of his work made this amazing difference with other fighters. We’re going to look at Tyson’s exercise and food routine.

Mike Tyson Daily Routine

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Time Schedule
4 amget up and shine! : First of all, Tyson started his day with long stretches, interval training, and at least 10 jumps.
4: 30 a.mRun 3 to 4 miles followed by a mile walk.
5: 30 a.mShowering and sleeping again.
5: 00 a.mEating oatmeal for breakfast, along with milk.
12: 00Practice skills and work with the ring; Tyson usually trains 10 rounds in the ring.
14: 00For a mid-day meal, Tyson chooses chicken, steak, or pasta with some juice.
15: 00More intense exercise for 45 minutes to an hour, including bags, ropes, rings, and fighting. After that an hour of training with a sports bike.
17: 00Perform 2,000 squats, 2,500 lounges, 500 to 800 dip moves, 500 swimming moves, 500 shoulder sharrag moves with a 30 kg barbell and 10 minutes of neck training.
19: 00Dinner includes chicken and rice or steak and pasta, usually accompanied by orange juice.
20:3030-45 minutes of continuous exercise with a sports bike.
21: 30It’s bedtime!

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What were the Benefits of Mike Tyson’s daily routine?

Waking up at 4 a.m.

Tyson would wake up at 4 a.m. because he knew the other person wasn’t doing it. In addition to giving him the psychological confidence that he was working harder than his opponent, this gave him a good time to do stretching before exercise, which was vital to prevent injury. Jumping and sprinting were done to create proper strength in the legs, as well as starting with anaerobic systems.

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Running at 4: 30 a.m.

Running gave him cardiovascular endurance (heart and lung strength) to resist in the ring.

  1. Sleeping again.

Waking up early is necessary for strenuous physical exercise, but it causes fatigue. Tyson’s re-sleep has been vital to restoring his re-energy for the grueling day ahead.


Oatmeal is a very healthy food. Low-glycemic meals such as oatmeal improve a person’s endurance for subsequent exercises and are useful for increasing fat burning during exercise.

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Practice and Combat

This is where the true quality is revealed. CAS Damato believed that a fighter, if he was thinking about rapid progress, would have to fight and race continuously. It would be wise to believe this, as he made the two fighters the youngest heavyweight champions in history. Tyson also fought 10 rounds a day to improve his skills and familiarize himself with the range of challenges ahead in the ring. On Mike Tyson’s Daily Show there were plenty of workouts with bags, fabrics and other physical items. One of the reasons Tyson succeeded in professional sports was that he was well acquainted with the physical signs indicating the arrival of a fist, through hours of simulating real combat. Tyson did not use a head guard to encourage him not to get hit.

Mike Tyson’s Meals

Tyson’s lunch and dinner were planned based on carbohydrates (rice or pasta) and Protein (chicken or steak). The amount of food he received was high due to the nature of his intense workouts. Given that Tyson practiced 7 days a week, he had little time to recover. Carbohydrates were a great source of energy during the day to prepare for 8 to 10 hours of training a day. Tyson used protein and banana shakes between meals, and sometimes even used some ice cream as demons and cheats in snacks.

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A closer look at Mike Tyson’s Diet

Mike Tyson’s diet is very similar to his daily routine and workout: basic but effective! Before we take a closer look at his diet, we need to remember a few things.

1.Mike had a high volume of crazy activity.

2. He weighed about 220 pounds and trained intensely for 50 to 60 hours a week. Although his diet seems to be high at first glance, it’s interesting to note that he experienced a decrease of 15 to 20 pounds during his competition camp while following this diet!

  • Meal number 1: Breakfast

The first meal on Mike Tyson’s Daily Show is a light breakfast after his morning workouts. The priority in this meal is primarily carbohydrates, and protein is stored late in the day. The small size of This Meal worked well for Tyson because he was entering a training session immediately after completing the oatmeal.

  • Meal number 2: Lunch

After the mid-noon boxing session, Tyson was preparing for a second meal. Mike’s lunch was a large meal with a high protein content and more than a thousand calories. 12 ounces of low-fat high-protein foods such as chicken breast is no joke and, of course, a significant amount of rice. Tyson didn’t eat a lot of vegetables, so orange juice provided some micronutrients for his body in addition to carbohydrates.

  • Meal number 3: snack

As mentioned, Mike ate a protein shake and a few bananas in the late afternoon. Mike was a big fan of banana pills. He sometimes eats up to six bananas a day.

  • Meal number 4: dinner

The last meal brought more than 1,300 calories for Mike. After all the hard workouts that have been done for that day, This Meal, which was the biggest meal of the day, has produced some good results. After a long day and intense workouts, this high-calorie meal helped muscle recovery and prepared him for the next day’s workout.

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Intense weight and volume training

Tyson divided the body volume exercises into 10 sets. That is, he repeated 200 squats, 250 lounges, etc. 10 times. This is still excellent. Due to many repetitions, Tyson did not need to perform other heavy exercises. The intensity and simplicity of the exercises compared to body weight improved his muscle strength, but also maintained his natural physics.


Cycling was great as an exercise to “warm up” on Mike Tyson’s daily routine, as it regulated things a little physically and mentally. Cycling is a good exercise for leg strength, flexibility, fitness, and cardiovascular health, and helps burn fat.


After a day of intense training, it was very important that Tyson did not stay up late, especially since he was supposed to wake up again at 4 a.m. the next day.

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Neck exercise on Mike Tyson’s Daily Show

The name of the technique that Mike Tyson used to do for the neck is the neck bridge or the neck bridge.

How is Neck Bridge Training done ?

In the neck bridge technique, the entire body weight is located on the legs and head. In this case, the athlete lies on the floor and balances his body by focusing on the neck. Next, he presses his feet on the ground. The neck bridge strengthens the neck muscles, which are essential for boxers to increase endurance and flexibility to punch and eat the opponent’s fist. Tyson devoted about 30 minutes of the day to the neck bridge technique.

Foot Exercises in Mike Tyson’s Exercise Routine

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Mike Tyson is known for making 400 Scott moves. One of the interesting Scott exercises he did goes back to when he was in prison. The technique is now referred to as” Tyson’s foot exercise”. This exercise is simple and does not require weights. Mike would place ten cards a few inches apart on the floor and then stand in front of the first card and make Scott’s move to remove it. In the next step against the next card, he did two squats, one to put the first card on the card that’s on the ground, and the other to take both cards off the ground. Then he would go to the next card and squat twice to lower each of the previous cards and put it on the floor on the card, then he would do three more squats to take all three cards and continue doing so until he took all the cards. This is an intense and effective foot exercise.

Do we need to have a Tyson-like Routine ?

What is clear is that the foundation for the success of a great hero is his personality, which must be taken into account in all his sports practices and approaches. Mike Tyson’s daily routine and his workouts were especially great for him, but they may not have the same results for another. For example, the amount of heavy weight training that Tyson did may lead to a lot of injuries in other fighters, so it is necessary to implement this program or any other daily program according to your circumstances and the opinion of Expert Sports coaches. Consider the beneficial aspects of Tyson’s routine, but remember that you should never practice exactly like others, but like yourself, and adjust your proper, high-quality schedule; that’s what heroes do.

What was the secret to Mike Tyson’s success?

What was very important in Mike Tyson’s athletic program and effective in his progress is that he increased his strength over time, and he said that he started with very few repetitions and increased them over time.

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Last Word

Heroes always train harder than their counterparts, and that’s where the difference comes. This is clearly evident in Mike Tyson’s Daily Show. As a champion in training, he added quality to his training. He did things that others didn’t do. As a distinctive athlete, you need to invest in yourself to grow and recover quickly. Consider that your other fighters and opponents may not simply do these things, and that’s exactly why you’ll get a reward that they’ll never get.


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