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Koro makes everything possible! This is the advertising slogan of the koro brand. But what does the world of Koro products have to offer?

The brand produces a variety of food, dried fruit, nuts, seeds and cereals in a specialized form. Interestingly, along with food and beverage products, some non-food items are also produced by Kuru.

But what has made the koro brand different and superior and its high quality and popularity? Read the story of Kuru below.

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koro is an online store based in Berlin. it is a good platform to find healthy snacks, dried fruits without sugar and a variety of Natural Foods.
The Koro brand breaks and redefines the norms of the food industry by offering a range of high-quality and innovative products.

The brand’s products range from natural foods such as nuts and dried fruits to snacks and functional foods. Kuru’s continued commitment to transparency with customers and innovation in products has led the company to explore new food boundaries, so that it aims to provide products using
Easy, enjoyable and as always better and different moving forward.

The koro online store has 5 basic principles that form the basis of its work:

  1. High quality of products and adherence to German standards is the most important principle of Kuru. The brand is environmentally friendly and reuses any raw material.
  2. Koro brand strives to constantly offer attractive offers and to improve quality At Reasonable Prices to its customers. The combination of high quality and low price leads to popularity and inclusion of this option in the list of people’s choice.
  3. Suitable packaging for longer use and more bulky packaging for further use.
  4. Fast processing and delivery of orders

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koro was founded in 2014 in Germany. The brand was first introduced by Constantinos Calios and Piran Asci. Florian schonkert (CEO) and Dr. Daniel Kundt (CFO) joined koro’s brand management team in 2020 and 2022, respectively. The company has more than 300 employees and its headquarters are located in the city of Berlin.

More than 1.5 million people view koro products online on the site and they also buy at over 10,000 retailers across Europe.

  1. Nuts
  2. Dried fruit
  3. Types of snacks
  4. Breakfast items
  5. Types of oil and butter
  6. Diet food
  7. Superfood
  8. Sweets
  9. Drink
  10. Non-food items


The koro brand was founded from the beginning with the aim of making high-quality goods available to everyone.

Going through the difficult stages of trading, efficient processes and the use of large and inexpensive packaging with simple design, the brand has made a lot of difference from its competitors.

Koro is now ranked first in terms of efficient packaging, unique, best-selling and special products such as palm and hazelnut oil, nut butters, a range of snacks and other special products that are unlikely to be found in conventional supermarkets, are distinguished from other brands.

Koro’s vision is to become the number one online grocery store in Europe and expand business worldwide.

Coro’s heart beats to produce delicious, high-quality food! The brand is trying to convey this passion to its customers as well and offer them the best products. In terms of the koro brand, the products should always have a good and special taste, be healthy and without many additives and strictly adhere to the quality principles. That’s why quality has always been koro’s top priority.

Kuru is always trying to discover new ways to change the food business.

Choosing delicious, healthy and innovative foods from around the world and bringing customers closer to manufacturers and their products are among the long-term goals of the popular brand.

Kuru believes that customers should know everything about the company, manufacturers, products, prices and packaging, and therefore have very transparent connections with them. It is very important for koro to make decisions about a retail company and to provide customers with the opportunity to make informed decisions about their purchases and to look more closely at the food, ingredients and source of their supply.

In order to build trust in the customers of the koro brand as a company, it has kept its promise and has always remained loyal to its customers. Kuru expresses his weaknesses openly; for example, Kuru has long distanced himself from discount campaigns because he considers his goal to adhere to fair prices without campaigning and permanently. However, it sometimes announces that it has to hold a discount campaign due to excessive inventory of products.


The koro brand has combined economic and environmental sustainability to satisfy and surprise its customers. From the company’s point of view, these two aspects are interdependent and close, because sustainable actions cannot be taken without economic resources.
Today it is impossible to imagine that a family of plastic products does not use. From tables and chairs to smartphones, stationery and everything else, it’s made of this raw material to some extent. In KoRo, it is believed to play its role in the sustainable use of resources well. That’s why he thinks about how to pack products well.

Price adjustments are part of koro’s normal and business operations. Unlike many vendors who often want to keep prices steady as long as possible, the koro brand is interested in spending a high degree of flexibility. This means that the prices of Kuru products are checked at certain intervals and adjusted according to market conditions. The goal is to always offer customers the best price relative to performance and products. For example, if raw materials become cheaper, Kuru will pass this advantage directly to its customers. The brand also does not consider possible future price increases in advance, giving them the freedom to raise prices only when they really have to.

Kuru is always trying to lower the price of most of its products, which may seem a little unusual in the current market conditions where many food products are becoming more expensive.

Kuru says, ” Why do good food often get squeezed into small packages?” That’s why it offers its durable food in bulk and efficient packaging to its customers. This decision reduces the production of packaging waste, and the customer can enjoy their preferences for longer, and most importantly, prices continue to fall.

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Producing good food is what Kuru does, but the brand’s business strategy is not limited to food. They constantly ask themselves which products are currently exchanged through inefficient chains and try to turn this inefficiency into competitive advantages, thereby offering more categories of products to their customers.

Last Word

The koro brand is a motivated team based in the city of Berlin. The company offers customers a wide range of products such as dried fruit, nuts, etc. The variety, transparency and creativity of the brand, as well as the implementation of new projects and ideas, are unique features of Kuru. Quality, short trade routes, fair prices, bulk packages and transparency are the main concerns of Kuru.

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