Ecdysterone , 5 Top Positive and Negative Effects for Body and Athletes

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Ecdysterone is very popular among Athletes as a supplement. The reason for this popularity is that its compounds are completely herbal and can help you achieve your ideal body alongside exercise.

If you are also looking to develop high muscle growth through exercise and be able to build a so-called athletic body with a six-pack belly and a bulky arm through exercise, you should also use sports supplements along with tailored exercises.

Undoubtedly, the high variety of sports supplements on the market may confuse you and you may not know which one can be safe for you.

So in this article, we’re going to talk about a completely herbal supplement called ecdysterone, which is used in sports, bodybuilding and fitness.

Ecdisterone is present in the body of invertebrate insects. You might be wondering what this substance has to do with building muscle in insects? Let’s give you a simple example of how many times an ant can carry a load.

Now, if this substance was present in the vertebral body because it was human, it could certainly lift a truck easily.

In addition to insects, it is also found in a plant called soma, which was extracted by Russia in 1988. Due to the high cost of mining and its small amount, it was not economical for mass production.
Ecdisterone powder is actually known as a natural steroid hormone that can have amazing effects on muscle growth, strengthening and strengthening their function. Ecdisterone can help muscle growth through the following.

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With exercise, cells create new proteins that can play an essential role in muscle development. Supplements help speed up protein synthesis (protein production) compared to protein breakdown in the body.

Anabolic is a process by which muscle growth is stimulated. With its compounds, like most steroids and testosterones, ecdisterone can increase lean muscle mass.

There must be a balance between nitrogen loss and nitrogen intake to build muscle. Now, with nitrogen retention, ecdistrone can have a positive effect on increasing muscle mass. This herbal supplement powder helps the body to synthesize protein, which is the production of protein cells, by having more nitrogen, and thus increases muscle mass.

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Many of you may think that ecdysterone and turkestone are similar, and both are used to strengthen and bulk up muscle. Although the result of these two substances is similar, they differ widely in composition. When comparing these two supplements, the following can be mentioned.

Since ecdisterone is usually extracted from plant sources such as spinach and quinoa, it is therefore very low in its natural concentration. It is also difficult to separate and requires a high cost to purify and refine. In contrast, turkosterone can be extracted in large amounts with high purity.

The earlier discovery of ecdisterone than turkestone has led to more research and evidence on it. Tests on animals and humans on ecdysterone supplementation also allow for a more definitive opinion on its effectiveness and safety.

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Another difference between ecdisterone and turkosterone is their chemical structure. Their hydroxylation is different, and this difference in structure causes differences in their absorption by cells and the effects they can have on tissues.

The effectiveness of these two supplements is similar, but the dosage is completely different. So for ecdisterone supplementation, a dose of 100 to 500 milligrams is recommended, and for turkosterone, a dose of 30 to 100 milligrams per day is recommended. Their overdose can cause poisoning and discomfort in some people.

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Here are the most important benefits of ecdisterone in bodybuilding and fitness activities. Note, of course, that muscle building usually starts in a few weeks after taking this supplement, but to see its specific effect, you need to have two to three months of continuous use. This increase in lean muscle mass using ecdysterone is about 3 to 4 times higher compared to supplements and placebo powders.
The benefits of ecdisterone include:

  1. Muscle growth and strengthening
  2. Increased sports performance
  3. Reduced fatigue
  4. Reduced recovery time after heavy activity
  5. Stimulating and increasing the protein synthesis process
  6. Regulating blood sugar to have energy for continuous exercise processes
  7. Preventing the increase in fat mass in the body
  8. Increased lung capacity
  9. Increased oxygen supply during sports activities
  10. Increased release of carbon dioxide from the body during exercise
  11. Increasing the speed and power of all sports activities
  12. Creating a positive balance in nitrogen, the direction of protein synthesis operations.
  13. It has a dramatic effect on the skin.
  14. Reducing and minimizing stressors
  15. It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  16. Having antioxidant properties and analgesic effects
  17. Protecting the body from atherosclerosis
  18. Lowering bad cholesterol
  19. It has liver-protective effects and enzyme regulation.
  20. Stabilizing the proliferation of cells and cell membranes
  21. Having an effective role in delivering food to the body, for better muscle growth.
  22. Accumulating protein in the muscles.
  23. Improvement in the activity of all organs, including the brain
  24. Applicable to all including men, women and teenagers
  25. Improving and strengthening the nervous system
  26. Expansion of mature red blood cell count
  27. Increasing endurance alongside muscle building
  28. No accumulation of toxins in the liver and kidneys
  29. Lack of male hormone production in women
  30. No shrinking of the testicles in men.
  31. Without adverse effects on mammalian hormones.
  32. Decreased urea concentration in the body
  33. Increased immune system

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The recommended dose for ecdysterone is between 80 and 120 mg per day. Of course, some people who exercise heavier also take this supplement between 400 and 600 milligrams a day.

We’ve even had reports of higher doses of up to 1,200 milligrams per day that consumers have been able to get extraordinary results and benefit from the numerous effects and benefits of this herbal supplement.

One thing you should know is that along with supplementation, you should always eat a protein-rich diet to achieve muscle growth, strengthening and bulking as you want.

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Given the numerous advantages we have listed about ecdysterone, there are certainly few disadvantages that cannot be an obstacle to consumption. The disadvantages cannot be categorized, but what some research has shown is that the following are some of the side effects that this plant powder may cause.

1. There is no complete research on how this herbal powder works on the elderly.
2. It may affect hormone levels if the dose of this herbal supplement is overdosed.
3.For people with underlying diseases and a history of certain diseases, taking this herbal supplement can certainly have problems. These people should consult their doctor. Although research recommends contraindications for these people.
4. For long-term and over-four-month use of this supplement, insufficient research has yet been done.
5. Although the toxicity of this substance is very low, few people may experience mild allergic or digestive symptoms even in reasonable dosage.
6. This supplement interacts with some blood thinners and you should definitely discuss it with your specialist before taking it.

Last Word

Ecdisterone is a completely herbal supplement that can help athletes and bodybuilders increase muscle mass, endurance, and physical strength.

Other benefits of this supplement include lowering blood pressure and sugar, boosting the immune system, increasing lung capacity, and improving brain activity.

The difference in structure is how the extraction and dosage are made from the differences between ecdysterone and turkestone.

This supplement is not recommended for people with underlying diseases, as well as for the elderly. Be sure to discuss long-term use of this supplement with your Dietary Advisor, and do not forget to eat a protein-rich diet to achieve the ideal organ.

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