10 Best Deadlift for Women + Golden Tip to doing better

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Deadlift movements are one of the best exercises for overall body strength. This activity helps to improve the overall appearance of the body. Bodybuilding is a suitable and practical sport for women of all ages and is great for improving Fitness, strengthening muscles and boosting Self-Confidence. Deadlift for women is one of the best movements to strengthen the muscles of the legs, back and buttocks. Here are some of the deadlift exercises for women and their importance and how to do it.

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Before we get to the deadlift for women, we’d better get to know this sport. In general, deadlift exercise is a very simple and effective movement that is called a movement similar to bending and removing the barbell from the ground. This unique movement is very similar to the famous movement of Weightlifters before lifting weights. Normally, deadlift movements simultaneously involve the muscles of the lower torso, upper torso, and abdomen.

Deadlift training for women is similar to lifting weights in weightlifting. In this activity, it is necessary to bend the back and try to bring the barbell to the ground by bending your knees, and return to the same starting position before it is placed on the ground. Women’s deadlifts include different types.

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  1. A good way to burn fat and lose excess body fat
  2. A way to get fit
  3. Increased power
  4. Increased flexibility
  5. Increased speed of functions
  6. Decreased stress and nervous tension
  7. Regulating blood pressure
  8. Improving the quality of life
  9. Lowering harmful cholesterol in the blood

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Deadlift is a good combination for several Muscle groups including:

  1. Trapezoid: this muscle is triangular and large, extending from the base of the skull to the middle part of the back. This part is responsible for moving and fixing the shoulder blades.
  2. Buttocks: a large muscle that forms the buttocks. The buttocks are responsible for the extension of the pelvis during the deadlift.
  3. Hamstring: the muscle behind the thigh. It flexes the knee muscle and expands the buttocks.
  4. Core: the central muscles are the abdominal and lumbar areas. These Muscles are used together to stabilize the spine when a person lifts a weight.
  5. Hip: the muscles and ligaments that shape the hip joint are responsible for bending and expanding the hip joint.
  6. Lower armpit: the upper and lower back muscles work together to keep the spine stable during the lift. The lung is two large triangular-shaped muscles on both sides of the spine.
  7. Claw: the fingers of the hand are activated correctly to hold the Weight.

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Deadlift movement has several types, each designed to strengthen certain muscles. The choice of the right type of deadlift exercise depends on the level of physical condition, preparation and muscles that you intend to strengthen. Here are some of the deadlift movements for women:

Common deadlift, known as the most common type of deadlift exercise, is performed by many athletes and women. In this move, to correctly execute deadlift, observe the following:
Foot position
The legs should be opened as wide as the pelvis. In these conditions, strength and balance are maintained during weight lifting.
Holding the barbell.
To properly perform deadlift exercises, you need to hold the barbell with high strength and strength. This will help you gain more weight control and avoid the risk of falling.
Leg position
At the time of lifting the weight, it is necessary to bring the leg to the minimum distance from the barbell. This position will help you lift the weight straight up. This will prevent the possibility of high pressure on the spine. The use of knee braces in these conditions is recommended to help the legs support the body.

The sumo deadlift is similar to the conventional deadlift, the difference being that in the sumo deadlift the legs are in a different position. In conventional deadlift, the legs are as wide as the width of the pelvis, but in sumo deadlift there should be more distance between the legs. To do this, you stick your feet firmly to the ground and use weightlifting shoes.
Sumo deadlift directly affects the muscles straightening the spine and buttocks. This exercise has a greater effect on the pelvis, so strengthening the muscles of the midsection is very important.

This type of barbell is often seen in weightlifting competitions and, unlike conventional quadrilateral barbells, has hexagons. In this barbell, the weightlifter stands in the middle of the barbell bar and lifts the weight by taking the handles around the barbell.
The HEX barbell movement is similar to lifting a few bags and pulling up to the height of the pelvis. This exercise requires a lot of muscle strength and physical balance and is useful for strengthening the back of the arm, back muscles, back of the leg and core Muscles.

Deadlift exercises rack pull are useful for strengthening the entire body, as it focuses on the lower body and back. Those Athletes who are at the beginning learn how to do deadlift correctly by doing this movement. In this type of deadlift, the weight is pulled up from a Height near the knee, not from the ground.
In deadlift rack pulls, the muscles of the buttocks and hamstrings are strengthened, and the grip power of the hand to the barbell is increased.

One of the deadlift movements for women is the Romanian type. This exercise is a multilateral movement that fully strengthens the muscles of the large back, buttocks, hamstrings, and straightening of the spine. This activity strengthens the arms. It’s simple to do, and it’s very similar to the normal type. If the Romanian deadlift is done correctly, the risk of injury is greatly reduced.
Although the Romanian deadlift is similar to the simple deadlift, with a smoother leg position, more stimulation occurs in the pelvis and the body’s flexibility improves. This deadlift is used in high-pressure, intermittent movements, so it’s very important to wear CrossFit shoes.

If you’re working with kettlebell for the first time, practicing deadlift movements with Russian dumbbells is best to start with. Using Russian dumbbells, in that unit several muscles will be involved in a simultaneous form. This deadlift strengthens the muscles of the buttocks, midsection, and hamstrings. This movement strengthens the hands and increases the grip of the hand on the barbell.

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In this deadlift exercise for women, you place the barbell with the right weight on the shoulders behind the neck and hold it with your hands. Then you bend at the waist. It is better to keep your knees steady and not bend too much.

In a single-legged Romanian deadlift, when you bring the weight closer to the ground, you need to pull one of the legs backwards like a kickback and keep your balance in this position.

You will need a front leg device to perform this movement. The right weight is chosen, you sit in a chair, and then you put your legs behind the lever. You’re going to try to push the lever and raise your legs with the force that comes in from the leg and the back of the leg.

Level kilograms

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Deadlift is one of the best exercises for women to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks. If you maintain proper body Shape when performing these exercises, you will get good results and not get hurt. The main muscles that are strengthened during the Romanian deadlift are hamstring and gluteal (Buttock Muscles). The next step is to engage and strengthen the muscles that straighten the Spine, Abdomen, Trapezoid and Rhombus.

  1. Hold a barbell in front of you, arms shoulder-width apart, hands facing down. If you use heavy weights, use lifting straps to help you grip.
  2. Spread your legs shoulder-width apart. Pull your shoulders down and back. Contract the abdominal muscles and bend the knees slightly.
  3. Push your hips backwards without bending your knees too much. Bend forward from the hip joint and do not hook at all on the waist. Move the barbell down along your legs. As long as your body’s flexibility allows you to go down, but don’t let the barbell hit the ground.
  4. Reverse the movement by moving the hips forward and smoothing the legs.
  5. Repeat the exercise to the desired number.

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Last Word

Deadlift exercise is generally one of the most important combined movements in bodybuilding to increase muscle strength. This exercise has a very good effect on a large group of muscles. In this article, we talked about deadlift movements for women, and we talked about the most important benefits as well as the muscles that engage and strengthen. This information will help you do this useful exercise well, depending on your physical condition and the opinion of your coach or sports expert.



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