Boris Sheiko Bench Program ; 5 Golden Tips for Beginner and Professional

Boris Sheiko Bench Program

Boris Sheiko Bench Program

Sheiko Bench Program

It’s time to stop the previous routines and get to know the Sheiko Bench Program , which is very popular and practical. Many of you may not be familiar with this method and have never even heard of it, but you should know that at the time you are reading this article, Boris Sheiko is probably the best powerlifting coach in Russia. He has worked with world champions and record holders such as Andrey Belyaev, Kirill Sarychev, Yuriy Fedorenko, Alexei Sivokun and Maxim Podtini.
In the rest of this article, you will learn about the Sheiko chest press.

Was ist das Sheiko Bench Programm?

Sheiko Bench Program

We have reviewed Shiko’s chest press program, how to do it and the rules and preparation for the competition.
You may have thought that you want to increase your bench press. If so, this chest press program is for you! The sheiko chest press is a 13-week strength training program with regular intensity and volume.

The Shiko program is actually a powerlifting exercise designed and implemented by Boris Shiko, the coach of the Russian national team powerlifting program since the 1990s. This app is designed in a way that makes it easier for you to track your workouts. The chest press program is completely customized for each athlete.

Strength, Patience, Passion are needed for the Sheiko Bench Press

Sheiko chest press is very practical but difficult. It is necessary to do it appropriately and correctly and evaluate your strength sufficiently. that Boris Ivanovich himself called these exercises “a road map for lovers to go upside down”. This term fully corresponds to the spirit of the program.
If you can handle the difficulty and have enough patience, passion and determination, you are guaranteed physical fitness and then +30% increase in chest press.

History of Sheiko Bench Press

Sheiko Bench Program

You might be thinking to yourself, where did Sheiko’s workout program first come from? This term is named after the world famous powerlifting coach, Boris Sheiko. The results of this coach’s work speak volumes.
Shiko has coached some of the greatest powerlifters in the world. Under his training, 9 world championships have been held in the International Powerlifting Federation and a total of 40 gold medals have been received. Between 1999 and 2005 he led the Russian International Powerlifting Team.
During these six years, this team won 7 championships in Europe and the world.

Shiko has published more than a dozen books and 150 articles on this technique.
It is the same in the Sheiko method chest press category.
He designs a perfect powerlifting program so that every ounce of energy is extracted from every drop of sweat that is shed.

How does the Boris Sheiko Bench Program work?

The sheiko bench press program, in most cases, consists of squats twice a week, deadlifts once a week, and bench presses three times a week. This program seems to be suitable for a novice athlete. However, it is better to get a suitable and correct program from a sports coach or expert.

Now, if you have more body mass, you are stronger or more experienced, you can move the intensity with the volume as appropriate. Sheiko’s chest press is an excellent exercise for bulking, building muscle , strength and hammering the athlete’s body.

What makes Boris Shiko’s Method stand out?

Sheiko Bench Program

There are many things that set this technique apart from other programs.

it is long
Sheiko’s chest press is not a program that you go to the gym several times a week for a thirty-minute session. This is a powerlifting program for people who are looking for serious results. Athletes who want to seriously bulk up build professional, new muscles for more than just show and cheer.
You’re supposed to know the heavy weights well, use them a lot, and plan accordingly. Shiko’s technique will keep you busy for the right amount of time.

Not easy
As you know, professional bodybuilding exercises are not planned and designed for people with weak body size. You started doing this activity because it is something you are passionate about. Perhaps, to prove this claim, Shiko’s technique is a suitable way. Whatever it is, you’ve overcome a steep hurdle to reach the top.

Boris Sheiko Bench Program ; Beginner - Professional Methodes

Shiko’s powerlifting program is just like regular powerlifting. The first week will surprise you, you may experience something different from the training you are used to, and that’s okay. As soon as you feel the benefits and proper progress in the Sheiko Bench Program process, you will do it again and again.

Advantages of Bench Press by Boris Sheiko Method

Boris Sheiko Bench Program ; Beginner - Professional Methodes

Chest muscle strengthening: Bench press is basically done to strengthen and increase the volume of the muscles in the chest area. By doing this activity regularly, the chest muscles become bulky and strengthened.

Strengthening the shoulder and hand muscles: In addition to the chest, this movement is useful for strengthening the hand and shoulder muscles, both of which are very important for performing daily activities.

Increasing the strength of the pelvic muscles: Sheiko Bench Program helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles properly and effectively.

Increasing throwing power: This exercise increases the throwing power in the chest muscles and can be useful for the quality of other sports.

Strengthening the cardiovascular function: Even if the chest press movement is done normally and with low weight, it can help to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Increasing endurance and helping flexibility: doing chest press using different techniques and different weights can improve endurance and flexibility in muscles.

Important points to pay attention to when doing Boris Sheiko Bench Program :

Boris Sheiko Bench Program ; Beginner - Professional Methodes

Always pause before repeating each set; A pause of at least 2 seconds

Do not neglect the standard body form in all steps and sets. Keep your body condition in mind in any case.

Your goal is to build muscle and exercise, not test; Walk confidently and powerfully

Do not rest more than 2-3 minutes between sets

At the end you should feel tired but not exhausted; Muscles should be relaxed and well worked

Boris Sheiko Bench Program ; Beginner - Professional Methodes

The last word – Summary

After a few weeks of the sheiko bench press, if you’ve done everything right, you should be able to increase the load on your bench press. Here some kind of change and improvement of power has happened. Over time and by continuing to practice, you will experience an increase in volume in the chest, shoulders and triceps.

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