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12 Golden Function and Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid for Athletes

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Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is an antioxidant that absorbs its digestive system quickly and dissolves in body fat and water.

The normal amount of this substance in the body may not be enough to gain the benefits of alpha lipoic acid, which is why in some athletes and bodybuilders, increasing the amount of alpha lipoic acid through daily supplements is recommended and is known to be useful for performing vital functions. In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits and uses of alpha lipoic acid.

If you’re doing bodybuilding or doing weight training, you’ve probably heard of alpha lipoic acid.

One of the simplest ways to define matter is that it is a substance like coenzyme, and it needs to be available to produce another substance like enzyme and achieve a specific result, a compound that works like an antioxidant if it exists in sufficient quantities.
These two features are mentioned that make alpha lipoic acid an excellent antioxidant supplement.

Basically, the human body makes alpha-lipoic acid, but supplementing it creates more benefits in Carbohydrate metabolism.

The sulfideryl group of lipoic acid can protect sulfiderase from heavy metal ions. Lipoic acid is also commonly found in foods with vitamin B1.

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Alpha-lipoic acid inactivates water-and fat-soluble free radicals, which are made up of excess minerals that form under the surface of the skin.

ALA protects lipoproteins and membranes in this way, and it’s interesting to note that no other antioxidants are able to do this. In fact, alpha lipoic acid helps to remove toxins from the body and uses this method to maintain the general health of the body and improve it.

The most common use of alpha lipoic acid is for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy, which studies have shown causes sensory changes. Changes that include pain, burning, and numbness in parts of the skin.
A number of studies have shown that the substance may help increase insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Of course, more research is always needed to prove this !

However, it is a powerful antioxidant and can protect nerve tissue from injuries and injuries. Antioxidants like this may help with diseases like diabetes.

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A small amount of the natural form of this substance is found in foods with a high percentage of protein, such as meat and spinach. The small amount produced in the human body itself is also easily absorbed into the bloodstream and passes through the cerebrospinal wall.

A large amount of alpha-lipoic acid in foods is made from enzymes containing lipoamide bound to lysine amino acids. ALA, which is present in the human body, is located in the liver, kidneys and heart, and ALA, which is in plant sources, is abundant in spinach, broccoli and tomatoes.

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  1. Red meat
  2. Spinach
  3. Broccoli
  4. Potatoes
  5. Tomatoes
  6. Brussels sprouts
  7. Green peas
  8. Rice bran


Earlier we talked about the benefits of ALA, its antioxidant properties and the ability to fight free radicals and produce other antioxidants. Now, we’re going to look at the complementary role of alpha-lipoic acid in bodybuilding.

Alpha-lipoic acid increases the ability of muscle tissue to remove glycogen and create energy by it. Glycogen is a polysaccharide that produces glucose during the hydrolysis process. Glycogen metabolism increases the volume of muscle cells, resulting in strong, stiff muscles. Researchers have concluded that it pushes nutrients into muscle tissue, not fat tissue. Alpha lipoic acid also has an effect on increasing the effect of some other supplements. It is usually taken alongside creatine.

Insulin is an auxiliary hormone to send messages to cells to remove glucose. Many factors are effective in insulin resistance, such as a high-carb diet, genetic factors, and so on …
When insulin resistance occurs, the body is forced to produce more of this hormone.
This causes a condition in which blood sugar levels rise. High blood sugar levels may cause increased appetite, increased blood sugar, fatigue, and increased blood pressure. Bodybuilders may experience insulin resistance after exercise and exercise, resulting in weakening of function and preventing nutrient removal for skeletal cell growth. Studies have shown that alpha-lipoic acid supplements increase sensitivity to this messenger hormone, and as a result, we will see a positive effect on muscle growth and its improved function.

In research conducted on diabetics, alpha-lipoic acid was able to improve the effect of metformin tablets. It is also effective in controlling appetite in athletes and bodybuilders.


  1. Slowing down the aging process
  2. Improving physique and body shape
  3. Brain protection
  4. Preventing heart diseases
  5. Prevention of cancer
  6. Effective in improving wrinkles
  7. Blood sugar control
  8. Liver care
  9. Preventing stroke

Studies have shown that alpha-lipoic acid leads to weight loss in different ways. Animal studies have shown that it reduces the activity of the AMP enzyme activated by protein kinase, which is in the hypothalamus of the brain. When AMP is more active, the feeling of hunger increases. On the other hand, suppressing the activity of this substance may increase the body’s calorie burn during rest. In the study, animals that used alpha-lipoic acid burned more calories. Human studies have also shown that alpha-lipoic acid is slightly effective in weight loss.

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No specific and dangerous side effects have been reported for this supplement except for a few that include the following side effects:

  1. Some people may experience mild stomach upset and nausea when taking ALA supplements
  2. Rarely May it cause skin rashes or allergies
  3. People with diabetes or those taking diabetic medications may experience low blood sugar levels by taking alpha lipoic acid and may develop hypoglycemia if not properly controlled

Most adults do not experience complications when they use alpha-lipoic acid orally, intravenously, or on the skin. Some people who take this compound orally may develop a rash on the skin. People at risk of thiamine deficiency also need to take thiamine supplements and diabetics should be careful about their blood sugar levels.

The appropriate and standard dosage for using this supplement is 200 to 400 mg per day. Taking 200 mg of alpha-lipoic acid about 20 minutes before exercise and exercise increases performance and promptly transfers nutrients to the muscles.

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1 . Oral supplements in the form of capsules tablets or gels for oral administration

  1. Intravenous infusion administered in medical centers, ALA in intravenous form, under the supervision of a doctor

    Last word
    Alpha-lipoic acid, known as ALA, is a fatty acid that makes it natural, but it can also be obtained from diet and supplements. In this article, we talked about the benefits of alpha lipoic acid for Athletes and bodybuilders, the most important of which are the effects of antioxidants, the fight against free radicals and the conversion of nutrients into energy


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