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Markus Rühl is a famous and popular figure in the wonderful world of bodybuilding (Alicja Krafczyk’s husband) , but behind the scenes of his brilliant career stands the mighty yiggy woman, Alicja Krafczyk. Born in 1992, the Polish model and fitness enthusiast has gained a lot of popularity alongside the famous German bodybuilder. In this article, we will tell the fascinating story of Alicja Krafczyk and Markus Rühl, a woman whose presence has transcended that of a spouse and who tells the power and elegance of the fitness world.

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Markus Rühl is named the most voluminous bodybuilder in history, probably because of his wide shoulders and physical condition. Rühl is considered one of the few people who trained with the heaviest weights. For example, Markus Rühl has performed the most headweight with the smith machine, which weighs about 275 kilograms.

Markus Rühl has become a lasting figure in German bodybuilding History years after his sporting career ended, and is celebrated on social media even outside the fitness debate bubble. Rühl brand has its own food and sports supplement products, and his second wife Alicja Krafczyk has gained popularity today outside the shadow of his wife.

Little is known about Rühl’s wife online. He was born on September 24, 1992 and is now 32 years old. That’s why Markus Rühl’s wife has a 20-year age difference with him. Alicja is of Polish descent, and her education and professional career have not been publicly discussed. Some sources have identified him as a fitness model.

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Markus Rühl’s first marriage was to bodybuilder Simon Rühl, who is featured in many of Markus ‘ videos and is known for himself.
After the breakup, Markus and Simon remained close friends, and still Markus calls him his best friend. Today Simon is also married for the second time after Markus .

The beginning of Alicja and Rühl’s relationship came after the career of Markus Rühl, who had retired from his profession for several years. Alicja was then a member of the fitness association owned by Markus Rühl. The two got engaged in 2014.
Alicja Krafczyk had a great passion for the modeling and fitness profession and later became a famous model in the industry. His commitment to a healthy lifestyle is a source of inspiration for the fitness community. Alicja ‘s entry into fitness not only demonstrated her physical ability, but also made her a role model for those looking for a healthier lifestyle.

In 2014, Alicja became engaged to the famous German bodybuilder, Markus Rühl, and the bond was the start of a dynamic collaboration. As the wife of a prominent figure in the fitness world, Alicja had now become a supporter of her husband’s efforts alongside Rühl. Markus Rühl, a retired professional bodybuilder from IFBB and owner of Ruhl’s Beste, his own dietary supplement company, shares a common passion for fitness with his wife, and they formed two powerful couples who continue to have a huge impact on the world of Health and wellness.

Initially, the relationship between Markus and Alicja was called “German beast and petite blonde”, which was laughed at by others, and due to the large age difference between the couple, there was a lot of negative reaction from the fans, but in the end, the two married despite all the comments.

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Alicja’s entrepreneurial spirit began to emerge as she entered the business world and took advantage of her passion for fitness. The creation of his bodybuilding clothing line is a testament to his commitment to the industry. Her brand is not only the epitome of fitness, but also reflects her creativity as a fashion designer, offering a unique combination of style and performance.

As a famous bodybuilder model, Alicja’s involvement in the fitness industry has led to lucrative deals, partnerships and good modeling contracts. In addition, his efforts to become an entrepreneur by establishing a bodybuilding clothing line have given another face to his financial efforts. Success in his and Rühl’s business ventures has had a significant impact on the couple’s overall net capital value.

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On August 9, 2016, Alicja Krafczyk gave birth to their daughter Lucy. Although Markus Rühl did not want to have children at first, he was very happy that Lucy was born. The eight-year-old is regularly featured on roll’s social media content. Lucy is the only child of Alicja and Markus, and the former IFBB player has emphasized several times that his daughter is the most important person in his life.

This small family now lives happily in the suburbs of Darmstadt. Alicja appears in videos posted on roll’s Instagram and sometimes on her YouTube channel. Her Instagram profile is called alicjaruehl@ can only be traced if the application is accepted. Little is known about the Polish woman on the internet, suggesting that she is cautious in this regard.

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Alicja’s family has played an important role in shaping the course of her life, supporting and supporting her amidst her impressive achievements in various fields.

Alicja Krafczyk grew up as the daughter of a Polish family with a heritage of rich culture and traditions. There are no exact details about her parents, but it was probably her Polish background that gave Alicja flexibility, cultural pride and family values, and still shaped her identity and aspirations.

The most important family relationship that Alicja has established is her marriage to the famous German bodybuilder Markus Rühl. They have developed a connection based on mutual respect, shared interests and commitment to the family. The connection between the two has led to a loving family being further strengthened by their child.

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Alicja Krafczyk’s journey begins in the heart of Warsaw, Poland, where the beginning of her life was enriched by the warmth of strong family bonds. His cultural fabric and Polish roots have been the basis for resilience and determination in his subsequent efforts.

Alicja Krafczyk, wife of prominent bodybuilder Markus Rühl, skillfully balances between her role in public and maintaining her personal identity. Beyond the wife of a celebrity, she is known as a fitness model and entrepreneur and has contributed significantly to the world of Health and wellness and its promotion.

Last Word

Alicja Krafczyk is the wife of retired IFBB bodybuilder Markus Rühl. In addition to being known as the wife of a famous athlete, Alicja has gained a lot of personal popularity these days. Alicja’s husband Markus Rühl is of German nationality and is considered one of the most well-known German bodybuilders.

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